Monday, February 27, 2012

And the Oscar goes to...

Hormonal Imbalance...

Yep, story of my life these days. I'm a veritable font of mood swings and irrational behavior. I'm 49. I am a mess. I have thyroid issues and a host of other hormone related things going on. I don't like the way I feel for about half of the month and I can't help myself. It's probably one of the leading causes of arguments with my dear friends and my dear husband. I feel sorry for my family and my friends, but hell....I feel sorry for me too. It sucks feeling out of sync.

So, as I sat in my bed last night bawling at every acceptance speech on the Academy Awards, it dawned on my that I should get some sort of statue too....oh the drama!

Happy Monday....the mood is swinging in the right direction today and I made it through the first weekend without drinking. I feel good about that. My eating has been pretty good too. With the exception of last night. I ate a roof panel for a gingerbread house. That sounds so sad.

Big Hugs!

Friday, February 24, 2012

Bring it Friday!

Hey y'all, it's Friday and I'm glad. I'm ready for a busy weekend. I plan to do some spring cleaning and get my house all nice and tidy. I plan to prepare some meals for the week ahead and have a productive weekend. I will not be drinking any wine however. I haven't missed it yet, but it hasn't been the weekend, I'll let you know how that goes. My eating has been going pretty well. I need to, do I sound like a broken record or what. I just need to get my butt up and go!

I don't feel much like blogging, I don't know why, but it's true. I'm kind of sad in fact. I've had a disagreement with a good friend of mine. I don't like to fight, although this friend would say different. I'm having a hard time, because when I argue with someone I care about, it stays with me for hours, days, sometimes weeks. I can't shake it and I go over and over the conversation in my head. I try to figure out how we got to this point, what I did wrong, what I should have done differently, why this happened. I don't like this feeling, at all. My friend is very special to me, she and I have been through good times and bad, she has been my biggest cheerleader and my harshest critic. I feel like I have let her down, because, no matter what....I want her to know that I love and support her. I just don't agree with her on this issue and a few others. Does it mean we can't be friends anymore? I don't think so, but we are both opinionated and well, we both feel hurt and we both feel right. I don't know quite how to handle the situation. I do know that our differences seem to be getting greater and greater, we can't seem to agree on much of anything anymore. That makes me even more sad. I just hope that we can work things out and agree to disagree. I don't want this disagreement to turn into something bigger.

Here's to a good weekend...
Happy Friday!

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Post Mardi Gras post...

Hi there! Well, the Mardi Gras season is officially over. Today there are remnants of the celebration everywhere. Beads, trash, get the picture. And today is Ash Wednesday, with is the end of Mardi Gras, the beginning of Lent. I grew up Catholic and we always observed Lent. We did so by giving up something that was crowding our lives, that got in the way of our spiritual growth. As a child, I would give up sweets or gum because, as a child...what can really be getting in the way of your spiritual growth, right? As I got older, I started doing things for others, like doing volunteer work or helping out someone less fortunate than me. I haven't really done anything special for Lent in several years, for whatever reason, I've been lax. This year, I've given a bit of thought about the concept of Lent, about simplifying, de-cluttering the soul, if you will. I've decided that I'm going to abstain from alcohol for Lent. I love wine and I drink it often. I think it's something that I've grown to depend on for many relax after a hard day, to escape when I just don't want to deal, the list could go on. So, here goes. I'm a little worried, because I'm a very social person, we entertain alot. But, I'm just going to have to entertain without a cocktail in my hand.

I'm going to leave you with pics from our Mardi Gras costume ball. We went as the entertainment (lounge singers) and the Captain and First Officer of the Costa Concordia Cruise ship. Probably in bad taste, but we did have a good time. I hope all is going well with you guys. Take care!
Big Hugs!

John, me, Ginger and Mark

Me and Ginger...seaweed and shrimp in our hair.