Tuesday, September 17, 2013

5 weeks on plan!

Hey there, today is my weekly weigh in.  I'm down 1.5 this week and pleased to say that's 18 pounds down in 5 weeks.  I am really excited and still pretty motivated!

Some of you have asked questions about Medifast, so I just thought I'd share a bit with you:
I'm doing it through the Take Shape for Life program, I have a health coach, she has lost 90 pounds.
If you want to learn more, you can check out her website: http://2becomeme.tsfl.com/.

Anyway.  I'm feeling good, still exercising regularly and losing.  I gotta say it's a good feeling.

Have a great day!
Big Hugs,

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

4 weeks on Medifast...

Good morning,
I made it, 4 weeks on Medifast without cheating.  Whoo hoo.  I cannot believe it! Although my weight loss was not exceptional this week, I'm down another pound, for a 4 week total of 16 1/2 pounds.  That's pretty darn good.  I'm going to keep on keeping on til I reach my goal!  I've also been exercising 5 days a week, so in 4 weeks, I've logged 36 miles.  I must say that I'm still feeling motivated. 
Have a great week!
Big Hugs,

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

In response to your questons...

A few of you have asked if I'm only doing shakes on the Medifast plan.  I thought I'd take a minute to clarify.  I'm doing the 5 and 1 program, which means that I eat 5 Medifast meals and then 1 lean and green meal.  The Medifast meals are not just shakes, there are shakes, cappuccinos, smoothies, mac and cheese, chips and pretzels soups, chili and bars.  I like most of the food they have.  And then at one meal you get protein and a veggie.  It's really not bad at all.  So, just to clarify, I'm not just having shakes.  For me, the protein serving is really pretty big, so I split it up and put some of it in my lunch.  It's really the way I should have been eating all along with my lap band.  I like the fast results too!
That's about it,

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Medifast...week 3!

I guess I've resorted to just posting about my weigh ins and my progress with the Medifast diet.  I wish I had something more exciting to post about, but I don't, ha ha! 

Anyway, I just can't tell you how happy I am that I decided to give Medifast a shot.  I was really beginning to think that it was impossible for me to lose weight anymore.  But guess what, like most diets, if you do it...it will work!

Today was my weigh in and I'm flabbergasted -4.9 pounds this week for a 3 week total of -15.8!

Holy Cow!  I'm firmly in onederland again and it feels good!

Hope you have a great week!