Wednesday, April 25, 2012

What I've been up to lately...

 This is me and my step daughter Emily, enjoying some beautiful afternoon sun.
 My friend Amy and me sitting under the pergola, enjoying wine and lots of laughs.

 My silly youngest son, figuring out what to do with a 45!
 My brother in law and sister.
 My sweet hubby John and my bestie Ginger!
 The gorgeous grapes on our pergola, they provide lots of shade and will make a huge mess when they are overly ripe.
My oldest James and his girlfriend before Prom.

I'm having trouble with the new an improved Blogger, so, excuse the fact that I can't put this text at the beginning of my post. And that it's smack dab in the middle.  OY! Anyway...this weekend was Prom, I cooked for 22 kids and had them all over for dinner before the Prom, it was fun.  It's been a really busy time with the kids and school.  I can't believe that the year is winding down, they only have about 20 days left of this school year.  Then, my oldest and my step daughter will be Seniors! OMG, I'm not ready for that!  Things have been great on the band front.  My tightness has resolved itself and I'm feeling good.  I'm able to eat and all is right with the world.  I'm still holding steady at the same weight.  I guess that's no big surprise.  I'm still waiting for my mojo to kick in, no such luck lately though.  I hope you all have a great hump day!

 This is the whole group of kids.
 My youngest and his friend....the prom pose...they didn't want to be left out, lol!
Finally....I leave you with a pic of the sweetest man and sweetest dog in the world.  John and Runner Dog!

If I don't get around to posting again....happy weekend.
Big Hugs!

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Things I used to know...

Hi, my name is Theresa and I used to know some things, that I forgot. Today, I'm going to try really hard to remember at least a few of them:
  • I used to know that when I'm really tight and struggling that I actually have some power to do things differently. I can choose not to eat solids, no matter how hungry I am. By making that choice, I will not pour gas on the will get better much quicker without the added irritation.
  • I used to know that being hungry, even really won't kill me, even if I think it will.
  • I used to know that the band is just a tool. I have to really do my part or I'm not ever going to get where I want to go.
  • I used to know how much I really do love my band. Not just on the days of the month when it decides to play nice.
  • I used to know how good it feels to eat food that keeps me satisfied.
  • I used to know that I have made real progress.
  • I used to know that every time I looked in the mirror I would feel disgusted and ashamed and I used to know what a wonderful feeling it is to no longer be disgusted!
  • I used to know that one of the things on my list of reasons why I wanted to get banded was to wear a football or track shirt to my son's events and not be out of place. I actually wore my son's shirt to the last 2 events...a plain old size large. I used to think that would feel divine!
  • I used to know that I would get to my goal no matter how long it took me.
  • I used to know that I was worth the effort.

These are the things that today....I know I'm going to work on knowing again. Thanks for all the support guys, it means so much to me. I think this must be the 2 year itch and it's going around. It's time for the 3 year slide into goal! I hope you have a great weekend. Things are much better on the band front. I'm not feeling so tight. I'm able to eat better and that always makes me feel better.

Big Hugs!


Monday, April 16, 2012

Mary...present, Sue...present,

Theresa....absent! I have been such a negligent blogger. I'm wondering if it's time to try blogging about something other than my band and weight loss journey. I'm still here. I'm struggling right now with band tightness again. I'm afraid I'm going to have to get an unfill again. I'm feeling a bit sorry for myself actually because I'm struggling to eat. It's all about the hormones. I started today, so I know the tightness will ease up, but I threw up so much over the weekend, that I start to freak out and think that I've done some permanent damage to my band or my esophagus. Does anyone else start getting like that too? I'm just really afraid to gain any of my weight back and my last unfill, even though I just got 1/2cc out didn't seam to last that long, I was tight again in about a month. So, I'm open to suggestions. I'm literally only too tight about 9 days out of the month, other times, I feel fine or even too loose. You see my dilemma. I feel like this weekend was the worst episode ever of tightness though. I'm so sore and irritated. Today I've just done soup and mushies, I'm really going to try to give myself some time to heal. I just get so hungry when I can't eat and I feel sorry for myself, and when that happens, I want to eat! Oy!
Other than that, things are good, Easter was really nice. I'm still reading even if I'm not blogging.
I'm still ever grateful for all of your support!
Big Hugs!