Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Band me Baby!: Tomorrow I should have a surgery date!

Band me Baby!: Tomorrow I should have a surgery date!


Jen said...

I had mine done as an experiment to see if we could reverse all the effects from the Hashi's and I feel great! Hashi's is a very tricky disease that most doctors will just write off as nothing, like mine did. I fought the effects of it for many years before I found a doctor who actually treats it as a real disease. If you go to the discovery health webpage they actually did a mystery diagnosis episode on it that you can watch. After seeing that episode I put my foot down and pounded the pavement to find answers. I was actually fortunate enough to be in the same town as the doctor on that episode and after a long wait I got in to see her!!!!! There is also great information at, just type in hashimoto's. I follow an advocate by the name of Mary Shomon, she is excellent and very informative. I would suggest signing up for her newsletter!!!! Good luck tomorrow :-)

tessierose said...

Thank you Jen, what town are you in? And who is your Docotor? I appreciate the info.