Wednesday, December 30, 2009

I've done everything asked of it's just a waiting game!

Well, I've done everything that the insurance company and my surgeon asked of me. All of my appointments done, proof of my weight loss efforts, letters from other doctors and it's just a matter of time before I find out when my surgery will be. I hope it is soon. I'm so ready to take this step. To me, the lap band represents a tangible commitment to real life long change. I have been on so many diets, and lost thousands of pounds in my weight loss career, but I have never believed that success could truly be mine, that I might actually stay at my goal weight for more than a month before the pounds start coming back with a vengeance. I am ready. I am ready to do whatever is required of me to be successful. I want to live the next part of my life in a trim healthy body. I want, need and deserve to have this. 2010....bring it!

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Debi said...

Congratulations on finishing up the pre-op list! Like you said, now it is a waiting game. Hopefully, you will get your answer SOON!! Keeping good thoughts on it for you!

Have A Happy New Year!!