Wednesday, December 23, 2009

MIA, Pity Party and the kindness of strangers!

Well, I've been missing in action, mostly due to my pity party! Did you get an invitation? Well, I was so upset after hearing from my surgeon that I had more to do before scheduling my surgery. Things really went quicker on some fronts than I thought. I've had my nutrition meeting and my pshyc. evaluation already and just have a few things left to do. I'm feeling better, greatly due to all of the kind words from you bandsters out there. Thank you, thank you, thank you. And welcome to my new followers. I really appreciate the company on this journey. I have found kinship in these blogs that I have not found anywhere else. Today I was reading a post on Life's little Journey, Jenny posted her reasons for having the Lap Band. I nearly cried. I felt so much like she was speaking my words. I have found a group of women who really get it. Not like my friends who have a few pounds to lose, but like me. I feel like my struggle with food is bigger than me. I feel like my inability to control my weight defines me and that I have spent the last 20 years of my life waiting to be thin. I'm tired of waiting. I finally feel like I deserve better than what I've been giving myself. Today, I'm so thankful that I have made this decision. I promise to be more patient with the process and with myself. I'm thankful for all of the blogs that I have found and the incredible information and support. I feel like I'm not in this alone....and that feels really good. Thank you! Merry Christmas.


Debi said...

Just keep moving forward & reading the blogs as there is so much great advise & life experiences out there. Let us know how things are going, even if it is bad news. We are here to help you through this by giving our support & much unasked for advise! LOL

I hope that you had a great Christmas.

Happy Holidays & have a Happy New Year too!

tessierose said...

Thank you Debi for your words of encouragement! It means a great deal to me.