Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Week 11 on Medifast

Hi there, I've just finished week 11 on Medifast and this week I've lost 1.4 pounds.  That brings me to 30 pounds down, and weighing in at 183.  I'm pretty darn excited about my progress still.  I went to New Orleans with some of my girlfriends and indulged, I ate, drank and was merry! And still managed to lose a tiny bit of weight that week.  But the most impressive thing of all is that I got back on track, I went to a wedding over the weekend, I drank some wine, but did not overeat and had a loss. 

Some NSV's to share: I bought 2 size 12 dresses and a Medium sweater.  I have gone down a half size in my shoes even.  I also am now wearing a size 14 jeans.  I feel great!

Some of you asked that I give the pros and cons of the Medifast program to share with you, so, here you go:

PROS                                                            CONS
fast weight loss                                              expensive
easy to follow                                                first 3 days are really hard
food taste good to me                                   
lots of choices for food items
cravings go away
good support from health coach
food delivered to my house
no meetings
weigh at home
online support
app for phone

As you can see, for me there are more pros than cons.  And even the cons are not that bad. For me it was money well spent. I feel like I'm actually going to reach my goal, even though I'm not quite sure what exactly my goal is going to be yet.  I know for sure I want to get to 170, but I won't be at a healthy BMI until I get to 166.  I guess I'll see how I feel when I get there.

Anyway, thing are going great for me. And here I am in a size 14 pants.

Big Hugs!

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Darlin1 said...

I'm soooo proud of you!