Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Deep thoughts for my shallow mind!

The new year is always a time of reflection for me. Some years, I have felt like the year behind me was great and sometimes I have felt like...good riddance to that one. This year I'm having really mixed emotions. I feel excited at the prospects ahead of me. I'm so ready to be banded and when I read blogs of people who have been banded for a year or more, I get so excited. I want this so bad. I want for next New Year to be one that begins with a healthier me. Healthier body, healthier mind and spirit. I feel like the decision to have weight loss surgery has been a really hard one to make. I feel like, in some way, I'm selling out, cheating. But then I realize that I just can't do this alone. I am a great dieter. When I get my mojo, there is no stopping me. I have lost hundreds of pounds in the last 25 years. I, on the other hand, am a terrible maintainer. I feel like the moment I reach my goal or get to and acceptable more comfortable place, I just start packing the pounds on. But I'm ready to do this! I'm thankful that I have found a community of like minded women who share in this struggle. Thank you to all of the bloggers out there that have shared their stories and been so honest. I look so forward to seeing every one's progress and triumphs. Any way....Happy New Year. 2010 gonna try it again or 2010 finally thin!


Amy W. said...

Selling out or cheating was one of the reasons I had never thought about WLS for myself. But like you, I was a very good dieter but was a very good gainer shortly after said diet. And who cares ya know? Even if it was TAKING THE EASY WAY OUT...fine damn it...bc it seems to be working!

good post!

tessierose said...

Thank you for the comment Amy. I read your blog everyday. You inspire me!