Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Just the facts....

Yeah, it's that kind of post. I'm going to list the facts:

  • I suck at this.

  • My lack of planning is hurting me.

  • Just because I'm tired and busy does not give me an excuse to do poorly.

  • I may never see the scale move in a downward way again!

  • When I get home I need to prepare food for me as well as my family in a short time, going to rehearsal hungry and staying hungry for 3 hours does not help me make good choices.

  • Last night at 9 pm I ate some Ramen Noodles! Ramen Noodles nutritional value, loaded with sodium and fat...and 380 calories to boot.

  • I'm tired, and realized I keep forgetting to take my B-12 tablets!

  • I'm too lame to even join one of the challenges, because I don't want to be the only person in the challenge to gain or not lose at all.

  • I'm getting complacent.

  • I'm getting old.

  • And, now...I'm getting over it!

This is my official plea!....if you read me, give me some advice, some tid bit of information that will spur me on to success. Please.

Thank you!

I had a fabulous weekend, but of course I drank too much wine and ate sweets among other things. I feel like I'm never going to get there, to a normal weight. I want to, but obviously not bad enough to change my evil ways.

Have a great day....Big Hugs!



Amanda Kiska said...

It sounds like you are really busy and stressed and it is very hard to make good choices when you have too much going on. As you pointed out, going hungry is NOT a good idea. Can you drink a protein shake on the way to rehearsal? I suspect you know what you need to do and I'm confident you'll get back on track!

I may never see downward movement on the scale either. It is discouraging, isn't it?

Sandy Lee said...

Today is just the first day of the rest of your life so onward we go with you. But I just ate half a bag of low salt chips and drank a bottle of wine the other night. Not sure if I'm quite the one to preach it will be alright. But I do tell myself that. And so should you.

Stephanie said...

I wish I could give you some majorly inspirational advice, but what I can suggest to you is that to wake up 15 minutes earlier in the morning and use that time to make something to take with you to rehersals in the evening. I was just talking to Amanda about making cold cut rollups with green onion and spreadable cheese. High in protein, filling and easy to transport, maybe with some dried cranberries or fresh grapes as a snack. easy to fix and set aside in the fridge until you get home and easy to eat on the go. I know it sucks getting up earlier, but aren't YOU worth it? That way, when you get home, your dinner/snack is ready to go with you and you can focus on your family...or GOD FORBID, they fend for themselves. :) Sometimes everyone needs to make sacrifices....your family knows this is not permanent, but they can step up and prepare their own meals on your busy nights.

Beth Ann said...

I'm single with no kids and (except for work), no real responsibilities. I'm always amazed with you all that have other demands of your time. You are awesome, Tess. One day at a time! You can do this, just don't get caught up in your mind. (That's what I keep telling myself too.)

MandaPanda said...

I always struggle the most when I get busy. Seems so much harder to make good, healthy food. My suggestion until things settle down is healthy prepackaged stuff. I found chicken burgers at sam's club that are all natural and precooked. Just heat them up. They're delish and take minutes to prepare and are healthy. I didn't join the challenge either so I made up my own challenge. I took something I think I can accomplish and added a little more to it to make it challenging. Small changes add up big over time. Pick one thing this week and do it. Get all your water in this week. Next week, pick something else. You can do this!

Gilly said...

If you want to join the BOOBs challenge, you can! I'll let you...even though you're a lateypants. It seems to be lighting a fire under some of us...

Jacquie said...

My go-to quick protein snack is cheese sticks rolled up in turkey. Like Steph can make some before you leave for work and just grab out of fridge on your way out at night. RTD protein drinks are an option too. The fact that your blogging is a good sign means you know what to do you just need to be reminded by us :) You'll get through this busy time and get back on track...I promise!

FitBy40 said...

Find a good protein bar that you like and keep a couple in your bag. They have a long shelf life so they can sit in there forever if you don't get around to eating them. I've found some that have 25 grams of protein and very little sugar, but you have to read the labels! Some are just glorified candy bars.
Good luck!

The Cozy (not crazy) Coconut said...

I just have to say....I love Ramen noodles, Oriental Flavor.
Now for the advice - I have very similar issues and I saw a talk by an author once, the book is The Seven Minute Difference. Its a very easy read. She also has a website: Her advice really helped me. Some books/speakers speak to some and not others. Not sure if it will help you - but wanted to at least share!

Cindylew said...

Take Gilly up on her's exactly what you need.
Also, love and miss you.

~Lisa~ said...

For the record, I too am a raman-aholic at times...

I wish I had a magic answer or pearls of wisdom that could change a stressfilled world.. Just know that we're all on this hamster wheel together - and I'm here for you...


Amy W. said...

Oh hell. You and I both know the scale will move again. I don't know what I can say to encourage you, so I will just say what I am struggling with. I had a mental breakdown on Tuesday bc I was scheduled for a fill and didnt know if I should go. Yes, I could use some more restriction for portion control, but eating huge meals is not really my problem. My problem right now is eating all the shitty junk food that the band can't stop. It's my brain. It's my choices. So in the end, I decided to get the fill and heather made me set some goals for 3 weeks. I'm still not weighing this month, so my goals will not be weight related. I am adding some of the things back that helped me in the beginning. I am drinking 100 ounces of water a day. I cannot have a diet sunkist until I drink at least half of my water goal. I will not be having candy, cheetos, cookies or ice cream on the regular basis that I have been eating them. If I want cheetos, I may have them...once a week...instead of once a day. I prepared two kinds of soups in handy containers and have them so I can take them to work. I bought healthier snacks like celery and pb, so when I want to eat just for the sake of eating, I will eat that instead.

Its just hard getting back on's hard STAYING on track.

Just try to identify a couple of the things you know are "bad" and work on correcting them. It doesnt have to be all or nothing.

Read said...

I didn't really read these comments - but saw Stephanie's ham roll up things with onions and cream cheese - I go one better (at least from the fast and easy point of view) and use low fat onion and chive cream cheese. I put that on a piece of sliced ham or turkey with a slice of cheese of my choice. It's quick, yummy, and filling (at least for a while).

As for the overall spirit of the post - the first thing you need to do is give yourself a break!!!

You've got a hell of a lot going on. Take some time at the very next opportunity you've got to lay out some of your quickest and easiest dinner things. Maybe something in the crock pot - I don't care that it's 100 degrees - the food will still taste good and it won't take nearly as much of your valuable time.

Remember you're human - and you can only do what you can do. So, now you've recognized some things that pitfalls - and you can do something about it.

Protein bars are your friend!!