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Thursday, September 15, 2011

10 Things Thursday...sort of

Ten things Thursday is something Laura Belle always does and I really like it. So I was going to steal it. But I started to write and then I was looking for a picture to go along with it, then I decided to just do a picture post of 10 things on a Thursday that make me they are:

This man!

Singing Karaoke with friends.

Sitting under the grape vines on our patio, especially with friends and family!

Our family, this is an oldie, but it's all of us together.

This one counts as two, a good glass of wine, see hand (and ignore goofy look on my face)

and oyster plates, see above goofy look.

My wonderful neighbor Joyce stopping by to bring me a fabulous new oyster plate for my collection!

My bed, when it is freshly made.

My closet, this is my dressing table, the hats above belonged to my Aunt and my Grandmother.

These are Barbie dresses that my Grandmother made for my sister and I when we were young.

These are a few of my favorite things. Happy Thursday! Yeah, I'm so ready for the weekend.

Big Hugs,



Ronnie said...

Your favorite things are fabulous. I love all your fun knick-knacks! :)

Lonicera said...

Love your post. What a brilliant idea to frame your memories and hang those hats on the wall... Love it.

Kristin50 said...

I love this post! I also love the Hats how cool of an idea!

Camille said...

How sweet is Joyce? I want a neighbor like that! Great post.

Miss Mary said...

Love this post. Very refreshing.

Elizabeth said...

Love picture posts :)

Darlin1 said...

Thanks for sharing!

Miss Vickie "The Queen Bee" said...

Love it all, especially the mister ♥♥♥

FitBy40 said...

ooh, I'd love that closet! A girls dream come true.

Amanda said...

I love this post! Everything about it! The oyster plates are such a great idea I might just have to steal that from you! I am a huge oyster fan and a huge antiques collector! I also love the hats from your aunt and grandmother! I love WINE and I love to watch people sing! HaOh and I know the handmade barbie dresses! I have a few of those myself!

Laura Belle said...

Great post!! I love it that you collect oyster plates! My dad and stepmom have just started doing that because...well, they love oysters on the half. So cool!!!

MandaPanda said...

What a great idea! And I love how you've honored your grandmother and aunt in such unique ways.

Cat said...

Hi there! New follower of yours, I saw you nominated for an award on her site and had to stop over. I honestly am not even sure why it has taken me so long to get here as I've seen you commenting on Dawnya and Read etc. Sorry it's taken me so long, but I am excited to get to know you!

I have to agee with the other gals here, those hats and barbie clothes, what an amazing idea to preserve memories. :)

Read said...

OMG - I loved every bit of this and now I will be on the lookout for oyster plates which I didn't even know existed!! (I don't like oysters, please don't hate me)

trisha said...

the oyster plates and the barbie clothes are the best! (next to the hubby, of course!) :)