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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

The final installment, Chicago...

Sorry that it's taken me so long to post the rest of these pictures. Life is busy right now. Busy but good. I hope all is well for you guys too. So, here are pictures from Saturday night in Chi Town. What a fun night it was, the food was great, although, most of us couldn't eat much. The drinks were flowing and the hens were cackling. So much fun!

Me and my wonderful roomies, Jacquie and Vickie

Karin and Stephanie

Stacey, Ronnie, Brandi and Debi

Brandi, Stephani and Jacquie (they all have the same surgeon!)

Linda, Deb and Camille

Stephanie, Jacquie and Nicole

Carmen....rockin' that dress!

Carmen, Dawnya, Beth Ann, Vickie and Me

Vickie, Me, Joey, Jennifer and Carmen

Read and Me

In other news, my 30th class reunion is this weekend I was hoping to be in onderland but instead I'm in maintenanceville, it could be much worse! This is the least amount I've weighed at a class reunion, so for that I'm grateful. In fact, I skipped my 20th because I was so embarrassed by my weight. I'm looking forward to seeing some old friends, I hope we have a good turn out. I don't know why, but I've been less than motivated to blog lately. This happened to me last year after BOOBS, I think it's because I find it tedious to post pictures, and I didn't want to blog about other things until I put the pictures up. Now maybe I'll get motivated. I'm also hoping that I'll get motivated to lose some weight... we shall see. You guys take care, hope you have a great day!

Big Hugs!



Kristin50 said...

I love these pictures, they bring back some fantastic memories. YOU looked so amazing in that dress.
I hope you have a great time at the reunion I too have stayed away from mine for similar reasons. I am sure you will turn some heads!!

Ronnie said...

Aww, have fun at your 30th reunion! Enjoy the compliments I'm sure will be rolling in. :)

♫ Drazil ♪ said...

Aww the memories. Have fun at the reunion! They're all gonna be jealous!

Jacquie said...

I love the pic of the 3 of us! Have a wonderful time this weekend at your reunion.

I still have pneumonia :( second xray still shows it but there is a slight improvement. I have to have another xray next week before he lets me go out in public again! I am not contagious but evidently, because my immune system is so beaten, I could become very sick if I catch something else! I have to buy a face mask for when I fly to NY on the 3rd! Do you believe this crap?

speck said...

thanks for sharing the pictures.

I completely relate to not attending a class reunion.

Have fun and enjoy. You look great.

Joey said... was so freaking good to see you! You look WONDERFUL! Love you lady!

Cat said...

Ooooh love love the pics. Have fun at the reunion!

Amanda said...

Beautiful pics!

I can relate to not blogging much after Chicago! It took me a while have anything to even say!!

Band Groupie said...

Thanks for the pic posts! I SO enjoyed finally meeting you! You're going to wow them all at the look BEAUTIFUL!!!

~Lisa~ said...

The pictures are wonderful!! You look absolutely gorgeous!!

Enjoy your reunion!!

MandaPanda said...

Beautiful pics of beautiful ladies! We've missed you!

Bonnie said...

I just saw a notice on Facebook that some people from my graduating class are getting together. I'm bigger than I was in high school, so I doubt I'll go, which I know is kind of stupid, but it is what it is. But, it's another motivation for me to get my butt moving so next time there is a get together, I'll feel proud to go. Lucky you that you can go to yours looking hot!!