Thursday, December 15, 2011

A quick post!

I'm sorry guys, but I suck at blogging lately. I've been really busy and quite frankly a little unmotivated. This is a crazy time of year for everyone. I thought I'd share a couple of cute pictures of my boys on Ugly Sweater day at school.

This is my youngest on the right, check out the goofy face and our neighbor is the other boy.

This is my oldest son and couple of his friends.

I'm hoping that with the new year will come some new inspiration. I had my first meeting with the life coach and will be meeting with him again over the weekend. It was very informative, I think it left me with a better understanding of what motivates me, and I'm looking forward to him giving me some advice on how to implement some changes in the near future. I haven't done any Christmas shopping yet! Oh Lordy, I guess I'll be busy this weekend. I hope you all are doing well, I'm reading... Take care!

Big Hugs!



FitBy40 said...

I've been wanting to chat with you about Jazz Fest! We just found out The Eagles are on the line up and they are my hubby's favorite band of all time. I know you have gone in years past and would love to chew your ear on the subject.
You can email me at ronda035 at yahoo dot com

Amanda Kiska said...

Love the pix!

Amy W. said...

Those sweaters are awesome! We were going to have an ugly sweater party this year, originally planned for tomorrow...but then we decided we are too poor and our house is too small to entertain...which really means Heather was getting too stressed out. hahah...thanks for sharing.

Sam said...

How cute are those sweaters :o) we never did anything like that at our school, you guys get all the fun :p

MandaPanda said...

Those sweaters rock! You DO sound busy...I've got some stuff to finish up this weekend. Hoping I can get it all done.

Ronnie said...

I love the idea of an ugly sweater party!

Good luck with the shopping this weekend. I'll be braving the crowds for a last minute thing or two, too. :/

trisha said...

I still have half my shopping to do so I am in the same boat! lol love the pics - merry Christmas!

Andrea said...

Haha, cute pics!