Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Reluctant Blogger!

I don't know what's going on with me, but each day I sit down at my desk, ready to compose a post...and nothing. I'm just not in the mood to blog lately. I have been reading yours and each day I wait for inspiration, but nothing. I apologize for my non blogging.

Christmas was great. We had a wonderful time with our family. My hubby got me a Kindle Fire, LOVE it!! And I got lots of wonderful things. John was sick though on Christmas Day and on Monday and wasn't able to have dinner with us or anything, it was terrible. He's better now, but it was an awful stomach bug, what a way to spend the little bit of time he gets off.

I have lots to tell about the meetings with the life coach I was telling you about, but that will be a long post, so I'll have to do that one later. Our kids are doing well, we are enjoying the time off from school. And today is our 5th Wedding Anniversary. I can't believe it's been 5 years. John brought me lunch at my office today and he said, I can't believe it seems much longer. Then he said, really, I feel like we've always been together. What a sweet heart. I have so much to be thankful for. He's a very patient and wonderful man, he has put up with a lot of crap from me! Poor thing! But all in all, I think we've done pretty darn well. I'm happy and so glad I'm married to him!

I did not even try to eat well over the holidays, I just enjoyed myself. I threw up several times, so I felt like it wasn't as bad as it could have been, but....Oh the sweets!!!! I'm up 4 pounds....Oh well, I don't think it's going to stick for long. I was telling my son last night, that when I was really fat, nearly 300 pounds, I could eat cookies all day and night, gain 15 pounds and never feel any fatter than I did the day before, but now that I'm just "less" fat, it's a whole different story. If I eat badly one day and go up a pound....or 4...Holy Cow, it feels like 40 and I'm not joking. I'm so ready for the New Year, I love the fresh start, the commercials on TV about all the latest exercise and diet keeps it in my mind more. I'll leave you with a pic of me an my sweet hubby. I'm a lucky girl! If you're reading John, Happy Anniversary...I love you!

Happy Wednesday All, and Happy New Year!
Big Hugs,


Beth Ann said...

First...awwww! I love that you are happy in your marriage because that is a big deal.

Second, quit apologizing!! :) I do love reading when you post, but it shouldn't be an obligation. Maybe inspiration will strike with the new year.

Barbara said...

Happy Anniversary Sweetie.. you married a keeper!!
And I can totally relate to the few pounds up.. and feeling it more than ever.. before band if I got throught the holidays gaining only 10 lbs, I thought that was good.. now 2 to 3 have me focusing on getting back to normal.. enjoy your holiday and dont worry about the blogging.. I think after the new year we will all need to hold hands to get motivated again

Darlin1 said...

Happy Anniversary....I agree with Beth Ann and Barbara....we'll all get back on track together!


FitBy40 said...

Happy Anniversary and happy holidays.
Thanks for posting!

Shahzad said...

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Jacquie said...

Happy Anniversary Theresa & John!

speck said...

I've felt the same way about blogging some times. It has helped me to "just do it" even though I didn't feel like I had anything useful to say. It does work for me though. Kinda a jump start.

It's always good to hear a good marriage story also. lol

And I have huge issues with sweets. It did occur to me though at Christmas that at least I wasn't eating the same quantity as I did pre-band.

Thanks for sharing. Enjoyed reading.


MandaPanda said...

Happy Anniversary!

Hmmm...I'm debating about whether we should all feel offended that our posts aren't inspirational enough to prompt you to blog or just tell you we miss you and want to be kept up to date with the life coach sessions. Hmmm...decisions, decisions. ;)

Gilly said...

You guys are adorable! And SO agree with you on 5 lbs feeling like 50. CRAP! New Year's Resolution, here I come!

Read said...

i love you both!!!

Andrea said...

Happy Anniversary!!

The Cozy (not crazy) Coconut said...

Happy Anniversary! Hope you find your groove soon and get back in the mood of blogging! I know how you feel - I've been out of it for such a while. So busy with work. The holidays have allowed me to slow down and actually work out, and actually blog! Have a wonderful new year - enjoying your blog and your updates!

Perry Joyce said...

Thanks for following my new blog Tessie! I miss you too, but I have to admit it felt *you* never left, since your blog is one I've always made time for! How's your fresh start going? Mine is up and down, (I've got those same 5 lbs that feel like 50 too) but such is life, not gonna let it get me down this time!