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Monday, January 23, 2012

There's something in the air....

It's called personal responsibility. At least that's what I'm going to call it. I was reading Gilly's post about tracking and blogging and doing all those things that kept us accountable and losing in the beginning. Things that have fallen by the wayside for me. As I said in an earlier post, 2012 is the year that I plan to get to my goal. It shouldn't be that difficult to lose 40 pounds in a year, right? Well, if last year is any indication of my skill in that department, it may prove problematic. However, the thing that I do know is; as sad as it is...I need to lay of the wine for a while. I love wine, I just do, but it is loaded with empty calories and it is not helping me reach my goal. So, it's time to do something about it. Why does that not put a smile on my face? The other thing I need to do is to continue to track my food, to do it honestly and to make a real effort to get my protein count up. It's something I struggle with, especially when I'm having a tight band day. The third thing I know I need to do is recommit myself to exercise. I know that it is the difference for me between losing and just hanging in the same spot. So, today, it starts...I will let you know how it's going.

On another note: today is the 35th anniversary of my mother's death. If she were alive she would be 85! I can't imagine what it would be like to have her in my life at this stage. I miss her, I wish that her life had been different, that I hadn't lost her when I did. I wonder what my life would have been like if I had my parents with me during my teenage years. But, I am who I am today because of all those experiences and at this stage in my life, I'm starting to like that person more and more each day.

I had a really nice weekend, John went deer hunting and the kids were with their other parents, so Friday night I spent time with my sister, Saturday we went to see "Iron Lady" it was great, Saturday night we had a girls night, then Sunday I finished up all my housework and enjoyed hanging out watching football with John, it was a wonderful relaxing weekend. I'm looking forward to a week of good choices. Anyone with some inspiration for me...feel free to share it!

Big Hugs!


Jacquie said...

(((hugs))) on your moms anniversary. I just spent a few days with my mother and it saddens me so much when I see hoe forgetful she is getting. I'm not sure if it's just part of the aging process or if its Alzheimer's. Her mother had that so its always in my mind. I got short with her about something and I felt/feel terrible. My hope is that she "forgets" that!

Good luck with your tracking and adding will start losing again when you do these things.

♫ Drazil ♪ said...

Love you baby cakes.

Stephanie said...

I've gotten back to tracking my food too on and I think it will really help us get back on track. I'm sorry you lost your mom at an early age, but I think you know your mom is proud of the woman and mother you are! Hugs to you! :)

Gilly said...

Your mom and dad would have been so proud of their girl who is so funny and positive and inspires so many! xo

Ok...if you're on live strong, track with me! I'm willowesque1

Tina said...

Good for you! Your weekend sounds divine to me :)

So if you think the problem is wine and protein pick one simple thing to do about each every day. Do you have one glass every day? or two? can you cut it to one? Can you add in one more protein laden meal or snack? or perhaps only meat and vegetable allowed at dinner...

This strategy seemed to work for me (even though don't even think I have it mastered!!). I am still tweaking from month to month to get the magic formula right. The one thing though is the little changes seem to work better than swiping my slate and starting from scratch over and over.

good luck to you!

MandaPanda said...

I like Tina's idea to make one small change a day. Perhaps allowing one glass of wine instead of two or only wine on certain days. I also like the idea of one really good, protein laden meal. I think I'm going to try these as well.

One thing I know for sure is that your mom would be super proud of you. ((HUGS))

Linda said...

I don't have any suggestions, but I'm in the same place. I've started tracking again and need to refocus. Let's do this together - OK?