Tuesday, September 17, 2013

5 weeks on plan!

Hey there, today is my weekly weigh in.  I'm down 1.5 this week and pleased to say that's 18 pounds down in 5 weeks.  I am really excited and still pretty motivated!

Some of you have asked questions about Medifast, so I just thought I'd share a bit with you:
I'm doing it through the Take Shape for Life program, I have a health coach, she has lost 90 pounds.
If you want to learn more, you can check out her website: http://2becomeme.tsfl.com/.

Anyway.  I'm feeling good, still exercising regularly and losing.  I gotta say it's a good feeling.

Have a great day!
Big Hugs,


FitBy40 said...

Great job. Keep it up!

Stephanie Martin said...

That's wonderful!

Steph said...

Awesome job, Theresa! You are doing great!