Wednesday, March 17, 2010

I've been remiss

Thank you Band Groupie (
for the "Sugar Doll" award. It made me feel great, I love your blog and I read it religiously. I love your drawings and you are an example of great band success.

I've really been terribly remiss, last week, Bonnie (

and Jacquie (

nominated me for a Sunshine Award and I promptly forgot to award others and pay it forward. I would like to offer an apology and cop out and nominate all of my faithful followers and commenters today for both of these awards. I love you all. You have been instrumental in my getting through this whole insurance waiting period, and you all are the reason that I feel at peace with my decision to get the band and my feeling so prepared. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you all.

So, thank you for these honors ladies. I love the support and camaraderie that we share here in band blog land, complete with our own little awards.

Although, I did not don my tiara and sequins (probably a good thing, as sequins really accentuate my big rear end) I'm still pleased as punch that you guys read my blog and share comments and experiences with me. You mean so much to me.

I am now 8 days from surgery. I'm so excited to start this process. I feel like real change is right around the corner for me. Again, thank you all.


Drazil said...

Yippee! Thanks Tessierose - we love you too!

Girl Bandit said...

Wow...I have missed so much. Congrats on your surgery date. I am so pleased for you. You asked if my band had any fluid in it at the time of surgery...the answer is not that I am aware of. I do seem to be one of the lucky ones who has had decent restriction from day 1. Once again I am so thrilled for you

Camille said...

Drat! BG beat me to it. I nominated you also!

Bonnie said...

It does get a little confusing with all the awards flying around. Maybe we can just do one big group hug and call it a day. :-) I'm so happy that your surgery is so soon. It seems like it was just yesterday I was ready to beat somebody's ass for not giving you your auth. Ahhh, memories.