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Thursday, October 14, 2010

Things are looking up.

Thanks to you guys and your wonderful supportive comments and virtual hugs, things are looking up. I'm feeling better today and done with my pity party! It's amazing to me how difficult this process has been emotionally. Much more difficult emotionally than physically for sure. I am a veteran of therapy, 12 step programs and the self help section of the library. I have done some soul searching, but never in conjunction with being physically unable to use my drug of choice the way I want to use it. It's been hard, this is the point where I always start slipping, and it's scary.

Either way, I'm feeling better today, much better. I hope all of you are doing well too. Again, thanks for your support, I don't know what I'd do without you!

Big Hugs,


Sherry said...

I've not been commenting because life is moving so fast but I have been reading and am sending you big hugs back. So glad you are blogging it out!

LDswims said...

So glad things are looking up. Now I'm sending hugs just for that!


It is always amazing, isn't it, how different this process can be for all of us. We seem to have to go through the same things but when and how sure varies!

Mary H. said...

Glad you are feeling better! This is a crazy ride sometimes...But, it's good to know that others are going for the same ride.

Stephanie said...

I'm so sorry to read that you are having a rough time, but hon, it does get better. Please know we are all here for you and I am sending you a huge virtual hug now!!!

Jenny said...

I'm glad you're feeling better. Just know that we all go through "down" times. We are always here.

Joey said...

Anytime, twinkie!

THE DASH! said...

Dang.. so sorry I missed your previous posts. I am sorry you were feeling so awful - but am glad you're doing better now. One thing I do know is this so called 'journey' of ours is not just physical, its also a huge mental pull. We will always have our ups and downs, but hopefully come through the other side. xx

Barbara said...

Tess, I have been searching and searching for your posts and somehow I lost you and just re-followed.. so I am in big time catch up mode.
First, I want to tell you how absolutely beautiful your new picture are just so classy and fresh looking.. really!!
And I was so sad to read that you were feeling down. I have such wonderful memories of you laughing during the CHI trip.. always just such a dose of sunshine... we all go through those bum periods.. I just think it is life. Chin up.. and smile.. we all love you .. and are here for you (and I am so glad I figured out where you went) <>

Cindylew said...

So glad things are looking up my little Tessie. I think of you often.