Friday, December 10, 2010

BYOC Friday

Draz's BYOC

DISCLAIMER: First of all, I can't make the text normal on this, I don't know what Draz does but all that highlighting doesn't transfer well, so....because I'm slightly OCD, it is important that you know that I am not purposely having some text highlighted and different sizes. Okay, now, let's move on!

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1. It is negative degrees here. Today I drove 35 all the way to work because I followed a snowplow who was also salting the roads. It's too cold to even go sledding or ice skating. The weather is downright nasty. It's freaking Winter alright? Why then – may I ask – when driving home last night did I see not one, but two MEN – driving big "I'm a man with a small penis so I drive this HUGE truck with deer antlers on the front and playboy mud flaps and mufflers coming out of the box" trucks with their windows OPEN? Why do men do that?

Men do that, because they are bundled up like Eskimos and don't have enough sense to take off the jacket, also because many of them smell bad, that mixed with the heater in the truck…not good! Women on the other hand know how to layer and smell good!

2. Is Richard Simmons gay? Is he straight? Has he ever come out? Does he have a lover? No, I have no idea why I thought of this but it crossed my mind and now I want to know. I love that little man. I want to get my fingers tangled in that hornet's nest of hair he has. I think I'd feel better about life if I knew Richard wasn't alone. But then again – who on Earth could tolerate that voice every day of their lives? So tell me – does anyone know Richard's situation? I must know. I could google it but thought this would be more fun.

Richard Simmons is definitely gay, I feel certain that he is not alone, he has an entourage of equally annoying men who lay out his gym shorts for him in the morning and poof his little fro for him before and after exercise. He also lives with his mother or someone's mother and at least 3 tea cup Chihuahuas.

3. What's your favorite Cmas song?

I love "Rockin' around the Christmas Tree" and "Oh, Holy Night!"

4. What is your most favorite and your least favorite Cmas movie?

I don't like "It's a Wonderful Life" so, you can sue me!

And as soon as I kick Draz's ass, I'll tell you that, "That Ralphie Movie" is a classic and I love it as much as I love "Christmas Vacation!"

5. To all my corporate buddies out there….I have an important question. My brother is interviewing for jobs in the corporate world. He has an impeccable resume and good, long, stable job history with many impressive accomplishments. However – no bites after he interviews. He's convinced they are checking his credit record – which is not great. Now I've heard places do that…but really how common is it? I mean I work in a place where our work is completely for the government and classified and export-controlled and deals with citizenship and such and we do NOT check credit scores. How prevalent is this – especially when the jobs he's applying for are not even in the financial industry?

In the last 3 businesses I've been in, the credit score was not a valuable tool, however I know of many people who use it and say it's the best indicator of work ethic. I don't know.


Drazil said...

Shitballs - I forgot Christmas Vacation which I start watching in October! You can come kick my ass cuz then I can see you and hug you! Also - I laughed out loud over Richard living with his mother or someone else's mother. LOL

Sandy Lee said...

I can only join you with Christmas Vacation. Except I detest the Ralphy one!

Lap Band Gal said...

I love that Ralphie Christmas movie! :)

Dinnerland said...

I agree with you on the credit score, I'll try to get over and tell Draz...
Thx for the supportive comment on my blog-- you're doing great !!