Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Better day, and a prize in the mail!

Thanks for all of your comments to boost my crappy mood. It's so nice to know that I've got folks out there who've got my back! Thank you for that. I realize that when I get my feelings hurt it's a cumulative thing and that once I'm in that mode, the next person to come upon me, need only look at me funny and I'm hurt. Add this to the list of many things that I need to work on!

Yesterday was a crazy busy day, and I was stressed, stressed = super tight for me. Yesterday, I PB'd 3 times. It took me all day to eat 1 chicken strip and last night I actually got stuck on and PB'd mashed potatoes. Today, I'm still very tight and it's been difficult to eat anything. Last week I was wide open, could have eaten anything I wanted and actually told my husband I thought I needed a fill, funny how things change. Today I'm thinking that if I had a fill, I probably wouldn't be able to drink water.

Okay, so anyway...yesterday I'm having this absolutely crazy day and have been running around like a chicken with its head cut off. I get home last night at 7:30 with take out for my kids and on the counter is a package for me! I love to get packages, it's from Tina and it's fingerless gloves that she knitted for me! They are a beautiful green and I'm actually wearing them right now and typing, love them! Thank you Tina!!! Tina had a give-away on her blog and I was one of the lucky winners. Talk about make my day.

I have another busy weekend ahead of me, such a busy time of year. I hope everyone is doing well. Again, thanks for all the support you guys give me. It's humpday! Yippee!
Big Hugs,


Kristin said...

WOW on the tight band. I hate those days. Hope it loosens up a bit soon!

Tina said...

im choking down a coffee we speak...these bands are fickle but hey...this means some weight will come off an things will loosen up again. I am planning on broth for lunch I think.

I'm glad you like the gloves. I am off on a crazy spree of them now. I made fishy mittens for my grandson over the weekend.


Colls said...

Tina is great, isn't she! I get totally tight when I am stressed out. It's really annoying and probably causes me to be even more stressed - a never ending cycle! <3

Jess said...

I can't wait for my unfill next Friday. I am sick of getting stuck on everything. It sucks!!!

Congrats on the gloves. Sounds nice!

Bonnie said...

Sorry I missed your blue Monday post. Just tell me who made you sad and I'll come beat them up. You know I have your back.

~Lisa~ said...

Congrats on the gloves!! There are few things that can lift ones spirits during these gray months then getting a surprise in the mail!!

Joey said...

The band is a fickle bitch, no?