Friday, January 22, 2010

Tell me what you want, what you really, really want....

As I read blog after blog and see the successes of banded folks from near and far, I'm forced to ponder the question: "What do I really want from the band?" Well, first of all, I really want a surgery date and to have my band "installed" as FB puts it. Then, the top ten things I really want are these:
10. To no longer be obese.
9. To feel comfortable in my clothes.
8. To get my blood pressure under control.
7. To take a beach vacation and not feel inclined to wear at tent!
6. To adjust the seat in my car without having to move my butt to one side to get my arm down there!
5. To no longer know the Muffin man! (he lives above my waist)
4. To weigh less than my husband.
3. To wear a football mom shirt and not feel so out of place.
2. To weigh less than the average starting lineman on any given Sunday.
And the number one thing I want from the band....
1. For my personality to be bigger than my butt!

So, those are the things that I want from the band, now if I can just get the darn thing I'll feel so much better.

Take care, and have a great weekend!


SuperMegaAnna said...

This is a great list. I love it! I want most of the same things as you... and I am starting to get some of them already. In time all these things will be yours!

meandmygizmo said...

Once you get the installation of the band you will start checking that list off as DONE!! ;-)

Nicole said...

You will feel such great joy when you cross them off your list!

Athena's Melting said...

Your blog headline made me giggle...! Yeah, the muffinman is not fun!

DawnB said...

Great list - I can relate!

Amy W. said...

I think your personality is already bigger than your butt! Just so you know! And now I will be singing Spice Girls all day...thanks to you!

tessierose said...

Thanks for all the comments! You guys are great. I can't wait to check things off my list!

Tami said...

Love the list! Here's to losing the tents and saying goodbye to the Muffin Man, he's overstayed his welcome!!

THE DASH! said...

Hi TessieRose
I saw you were following me (sounds stalkerish, doesn't it lol.. we all follow one another!!) and I swung over to check out your blog.

You are making a great decision to get the band. A great one. So many of us here have found success and you will be another :) I love your list of things you want for yourself: I must admit.. the first time I weighed less than my husband in about 15 years (who is six foot three!!) was a great moment. It's summer here at this end of the world and I'm - for the first time in many many years - wearing t-shirts and skirts again..whahooo .. I can't wait till that happens for you too. Looking forward to reading more :)

Fat Bastard said...

As a former offensive lineman, I'd like to protest number 2 on the grounds that it is prejudice to all linemen. Okay, i can't even type that without giggling. Great list, Tessie.