Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Thank you for following!

Yippeee! I'm so excited that someone is reading. Thank you all for visiting. Still no news on the band front. I am in a holding pattern, the girl at the surgeon's office probably thinks I'm stalking her because I call nearly everyday to find out if they've heard from my insurance company or not. I'm so not in the mode to diet right now though, did that happen to anyone else? I'm like...pretty soon I won't be able to eat bread, better do it now. It's all so destructive. I want to be in a better place, but I'm just not right now. I hope I'll have a date to report real soon. Again, thanks for reading!


meandmygizmo said...

Tess ~ those girls are use to be stalked and questioned regularly about hearing from the insurance companies!! It will be OK. My life has been one big diet after another and I always did the pig out thing before starting it over AGAIN, so I guess I was over the thinking "I couldn't have this or that anymore" ~ I just ate normal and didn't even request "a last meal" of anything special. Then the surgery date came so quickly after ins approval and the liquid diet started before that so no big blow out for me before surgery ~ probable a good thing! ;-)

DawnB said...

Hey Tess - I am exactly where you are - eating like crazy - I get banded in two weeks and I'm certainly getting it all in now =:(

Fat Bastard said...

Yeah Tess, the nurse that runs my office is hateful of seeing my number on the caller ID as well. Hey, we're not in this to make friends, so I say, make a pest of yourself.

The customer service people at Blue Cross don't like me much either. LOL