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Monday, July 26, 2010

Boy am I tired! (REVISED)

The show is over, it was so much fun, but it kicked my butt! I'm trying to get caught up on every one's blogs. There's so much going on. Here is a link to watch a video from our local news about the show (OOPS! Evidently the link doesn't work, sorry but I'll post some pics soon!)

On the band front, my weight hasn't gone down in a week or so, but rehearsals and the show have had me cocktailing more than usual and eating differently. I'm not concerned, I know it will even out and if I keep on keeping on, the weight will continue to come off. I got stuck really bad Saturday night right before the show and then today at lunch, I had one bite of a Lean Cuisine and I'm still hurting, it's been more than an hour. I just don't get it, some days it's like I don't even have a band and some days I can barely eat without getting stuck. I'm still waffling about getting a fill. I don't want to be too tight, so although I'm hungrier than I want to be, I can handle it like it is, so...I'm just going to wait a while. If my weight loss doesn't pick up in the next couple of weeks, I guess I'll go in for another fill. I'm feeling good and got a ton of compliments this weekend during the show. I hope everyone has a great week.
Take care and big hug!


Dalia said...

Hey Tess.. I'm so guilty of show-cocktailing in the last month too. It's so much fun, though!! I hope you had fun. Greatoutlook on the WL front. Ramp up the exercise and the water intake (2 things you cant get enough of while at a show) and you'll see the lbs fly off. Take care!

Jacquie said...

Hey Tess! Congrats on the show! I tried to watch the video but it wouldn't let me, it sad something about either being removed or because of privacy settings it wasn't happening!

Glad you can get back to normal again. These things are great but they do suck the life out of you, right?

Drazil said...

I would love to see you perform - I bet you are awesome! Now rest up for Chicago!

Bianca J said...

Glad to hear it went well. Looking forward to the pics!

Amaris said...

Congrats on a good show! I'm looking forward to seeing the pics!

Fiona said...

I have the same stuck then not thing going on. I can eat like before on some days then other days I cant even get a yogurt down. Not sure why but the hungry days are out numbering the stuck days so time for a fill.
The show sounds great, can't wait for the pics.

Stephanie said...

Glad to hear the show went well. Please post photos soon! Have a great week, Tessie!