Friday, August 27, 2010

Friday Ramblings

Okay folks, first of all thank you for your wonderful comments of support and encouragement on my last blog. You really have a way of lifting my spirits and helping me put things in perspective. I appreciate it so very much and want you to know how important you have become to me. That being said, can I say....I am sooooo excited about actually meeting some of you fabulous women in Chicago!

Next, my apologies for not having anything to donate to the sisterhood yet. Sadly I can still wear everything except one pair of pants that I'm saving for my Jared photo. When I lost 80 pounds a few years ago, I purged everything that didn't fit me, I gave all of my clothes away and then started gaining weight again. So, in an effort to slow the progression, I didn't do much shopping, I vowed to stay uncomfortable til I got my mojo back and started losing weight. So....when I do have clothes to pass on I will, but for now, I'm shopping in my closet and enjoying some things that haven't seen daylight in a year or two.

Last night my son had his first football game of the season. My son goes to the same High School that I went to. It's a relatively small private school and many of the parents were classmates of mine, it was weird and wonderful and very nostalgic. I cannot believe that he and my step-daughter are sophomores. I don't know how this happened. Then yesterday, my oldest niece, well she turned 30. So, all of a sudden, I'm realizing that a substantial amount of time has passed in my lifetime. I'm not worried and I don't particularly feel old all the time. But, on days like yesterday I would say I feel a little more "mature" than other days.

I'm really glad it's Friday, although I don't know how much rest I'm going to get. My youngest son has Cotillion tonight and of course the boys have to get together at my house before to spray on too much cologne and talk strategy. I do love my life and I'm glad that so many of you are in it.

Happy Weekend.
Big Hug!


Pamela E. Williams said...

Hey Tessie!! I had to giggle at the boys coming to your house to spray on to much cologne. Wow, you will be living in a fog for a while, LOL.

Life is good, enjoy it. Happy Friday!!

Gilly said...

Whew do I ever feel this post! Must be the moons or something. And don't feel bad about the sisterhood. I DO have stuff, but it's way too big for everybody. Ah well...I tried...

Have a good weekend! *hugs*

Bonnie said...

I can't believe I missed your 5 month bandiversary. I am so sorry. 7.4 lbs a month is freaking awesome. I was feeling pretty good about my weight loss, but this week I only lost 1.4 so I was a little bummed. I mean, I've got 90 freaking lbs to lose so 1.4 is pretty little for this stage in the game. Anyway, the only reason I brought it back to me is to let you know how well YOU are doing. It's great you can shop in your own closet. I'm looking forward to getting back into a few things I own myself.

Jacquie said...

I cannot believe its only 5 weeks from today! Can't wait to meet you Tess!

Gen said...

Can't wait to meet you! Thanks so much for your sweet comments.

Let the football games begin! My two sons have games tomorrow, and DH coaches. Nothing but football here for a while.

Can't believe its only 5 months for you! You are doing GREAT!