Friday, August 20, 2010

It's Friday....

Just the facts ma'am.
I'm so glad it's Friday, it's been a crazy week, busy with the start of school, busy at work and it looks like the weekend will be equally busy.
I have a few things on my mind that are of little or no importance, but I figured...hey, it's Friday, let's fill it with random thoughts by T.
  • I got a haircut yesterday, it amazes me how a new haircut can make me feel so much better.
  • Why does Tuna salad taste so much better when someone else makes it?
  • Ever have a bad underwear day? When my underwear don't fit right, it jacks up my whole day!
  • I finally broke down and bought the dreaded cheeseburger Doritos that Cindylew blogged about. can a bunch of dudes in lab coats make a chip taste just like a burger?
  • How can my house get so dusty in just one week?
  • Why do I love office supplies so much?
  • Why are the numbers on a calculator key pad in different order than the phone, it just seams logical to make them the same, I would dial a lot fewer wrong numbers.
  • Why can't all of the key pads for credit/debit card swiper thingies be the same, I always get cash back when I don't want it, because I don't want to get out my reading glasses.
  • Why do your eyes get increasingly worse the closer you get to 50? Oh, never mind, I know that answer, it's so you can't see the goat hairs that decide to take up residency on your chin!
  • Why do I save my filing til Friday, when I hate filing but love Friday?

Well, enough of that. I hope everyone has a great weekend. Big Hug!



LDswims said...

Cute blog.

I didn't even realize calculator pads (or 10 key on the keyboard) was different than phone pads. Had to get my cell phone out and check. Does this mean I'll start dialing wrong numbers now that I KNOW this?

I wish I could say the same for haircuts. I got one weds night. My struggle continues. My new lady (Tina) that I love so much was on vacation and she gave my husband's new lady specific instructions on how to cut my hair this week. So Marcela does her best and she did a great cut - but she destroyed the style I was after and it's going to take me 3-4 months to even get enough length back to start to fix it. ARGH!

I think I'm done with short hair. It's getting tiresome...

Ever had a bad underwear day I'm miserable right now.

I love office supplies, too! So much so that when I was a kid, when my mom's clinics would change forms or supplies she'd bring the old surplus home to me. I'd set up a play office in the bathroom complete with file cabinets and typewriters and I'd go to work organizing and making sure everything was filled out right.

Does that make me nuts?

Cute blog!!!

-Grace- said...

I just bought a bag of the cheeseburger Doritos, too!! Seriously, how is that possible? There was pickle taste! :)

Jenny said...

I don't think I could get the Doritos. I'm not a good sharer and I'd wind up eating the whole damn thing!

Lynda said...

Okay, except for the Cheeseburger Doritos (which I refuse to try for fear of instant addiction) this post could have been written by me! Seriously--it made the exact same comment about tuna salad to my husband just last week. And, I often entertain myself by browsing in Office Depot or Staples (sometimes for 1-2 hours at a time). I'm gettin' my hairs did this afternoon and am going after a completely new style. After years of funky, short hairstyles, my husband finally convinced me to let it grow. Now that it has finally passed my shoulders, I'm going in to get some shape and some loose waves (mine is naturally sickeningly straight).

Pamela E. Williams said...

I hate filing as well. It is the devil!! And so are those Doritos LOL!

Have a great weekend!

Band Geek said...

I say save the filing until Monday....It's not going anywhere over the weekend. I, too, love office supplies, except those awful multi-colored, plastic-coated paper clips. They seriously make me cringe. I especially love binder clips, for some reason. I also use them as bag clips. If I were brave enough to buy a bag of Cheeseburger Doritos, I would have no use for a bag clip, sadly.

amandakiska said...

I'm going to add why did my eye site get so bad just as my chin started sprouting course little black hairs? I never see them until they are 1/2 long. Usually I notice them by feeling them. We ladies have it tough sometimes...

amandakiska said...


Sam said...

I think I am glad that those chips have not yet hit Australia.... I think:)

Bianca J said...

Your post made me chuckle. I look forward to back to school time so that I can take advantage of the back to school sales on office supplies that I don't need (I also don't have any kids so not like I can use that as an excuse).

Have a great weekend!

Carmen said...

ummm....WORD to everything!! except the doritos thing, I had one once and I could taste the pickle flavor, blegh!! I hate pickles!!