Monday, August 2, 2010

Checking in

Just a quickie, checking in to say "Hey." Today is Monday and the first of a new Month, so I'll be very busy at work closing out the month and bringing in the new. I hope everyone had a great weekend. I did, but sadly it's over and I don't feel rested or re-energized. I feel tired and wishing I was still in bed. Tomorrow I go to court for the child support hearing and school will be starting in just a couple of weeks. I feel like life is just rushing past me and I need things to slow down a little. I did have lots of fun this weekend and the scale is still not being nice to me. I want to see some movement!

Have a great Monday folks!

Big Hug!



Pamela E. Williams said...

Happy Monday Tessie!! Glad you had fun this past weekend. I hope everything goes well for you in child support court. Have a great week.

-Grace- said...

Sending you good vibes for court and for the end of the month workload!

Lonicera said...

I feel like this every morning, particularly if it's raining... Lots of luck to you tomorrow.
Book posted today by the way.

Cindylew said...

Good luck in court cupcake...I'll be thinking of you.

Bonnie said...