Friday, September 10, 2010


1. If a major newspaper wrote an article about you today, what would the headline be?
Theresa AKA Tessie Rose was cast as the female lead in the upcoming Musical Review: "BOOBS, Lap band, not Lap Dance!", details are still sketchy but Hollywood insiders say that she is expected to be at her goal weight before production wraps in late 2011. There is still much speculation as to which of the spectacular women she will be portraying. New details will follow as soon as they are made available.
2. Name one thing you like about being an adult.

Sex (sue me)

3. What was your favorite Saturday morning cartoon when you were a kid?
I wasn't much of a cartoon watcher, but I liked Josie and the Pussycats, because they had cool outfits.
4. When is the last time you told someone HONESTLY how you felt about them?
I guess yesterday, I don't have trouble being honest with others. My problem is having others be honest with me! I'm a classic, disher not taker….but I know it and I'm working on it. (Actually I only really have problems taking it from a couple of people.)
5. Repeat question: Summarize your week in life and in blogland.

It was a good week, I really have enjoyed Thousand Word Thursday, and you guys left such sweet comments on my Hurricane blog!

On the band front: I still haven't lost anything, since my last reported loss. I keep bouncing back and forth between 2 pounds up and down and the scale just doesn't want to stay in one place. That's okay though…I know that this will take time and if I didn't have the band I'd surely be way up. I am excited about Chicago and if things work out like they usually do, I think the scale will finally move by then. I hope everyone has a great weekend. I'm looking forward to spending mine with family and college football!!! And of course, the weekend project clean!

Big Hugs!



Stephanie said...

Sex...what a great answer!! LOL

Jennifer said...

tee hee - you like sex?? Oh, my - I'm SHOCKED! Shocked, I tell you!!!!

Tina said...

SEX! hahahahahah....I personally think it is over-rated..Just kidding. sooooo I gave you that sweet award thingy over at my blog...go pick it up.

Jess said...

Good answers! I like #2 also, but unfortunately these days it seems you don't have to be an adult to have sex. Kids are running naked in the streets. Pure Craziness!

Drazil said...

Okay #1 and #2 rock my world. Just like you do!

Tina said...

Ok in answer to your question over at my place...and I was just thinking about this today. Whenever I have been in doubt I did need a fill. When I didn't I knew it. Here is what I figure out--watch your scale and see if it rings true for you too-

When I was starving and felt open I would be floating at the low end of a weight range. When I would get stuck I would be at the high end. Just now it is a range of about 5 pounds but I have been in ranges as small as 3 pounds. What I have figure out is that there must be some glob of fat sitting next to my band and when I am at the low end it shrinks and I could take a the high end the fat swells up and I would be tight for a fill. So the key is...get in when you are at the low end and then push yourself into another weight range (hopefully quite a bit smaller).

I always look at it this way..even if I'm wrong I can always get a bit of an unfill.

Tina said...

Ok as is my way..excuse the massive typos--I really do have a D on my computer keyboard despite the fact that I skipped them in the comment above.