Friday, September 17, 2010


  1. Last week we asked your favorite thing about being an adult. This week the question is: what is one thing you miss about being a child?
    I miss being really tuned in to the world. When I was a child, I noticed everything, I would study people, the room the environment. Now, I
    'm preoccupied and don't notice the little things, it's time to slow down.

  2. When you make a serious life decision – do you use your head or your heart?
    'm more of a heart than head kind of person, I think things through, but if it's really right, I know it.

  3. In relation to blogs….are you a never commenter, a sometimes commenter, an almost always commenter or a direct emailer kinda person?
    'm and almost always commenter. I comment as much as I can, I like people to know I'm reading and I appreciate when people comment on my blog.

  4. If life was a flavor – would it be savory, sweet or sour?
    Savory baby all the way!

  5. Repeat question. Summarize your week in life or in blogland.
    In life: my kids go to private Catholic Schools at one of the other Catholic schools in our area yesterday, a 13 year old boy in the 7th grade shot and killed himself in front of his entire class. It was the most horrifying news, and I cannot get the thought out of my head, how sad for this family how sad for all of the children affected by this tragedy, to say that my heart is heavy is an understatement.
    'm looking forward to the weekend and getting a little rest. I'm a little less stressed about finding a dress, thank you for all the sweet comments. Have a great weekend! Next week at this time I'll be bringing my own crazy to Chicago baby!

    Big Hugs!


Stephanie said...

That is so horrible to hear about that child. How devastating! On a brighter side, I am looking forward to seeing you next weekend!

amandakiska said...

OMG! That is really, really horrible. I am so sorry for the pain that boy must have been in, but how could ANYONE do that to another person let alone a whole room of other people? A couple of people in my family have committed suicide and it is just the most selfish thing someone can do. I know they think that the world will be better off without them, but the horror they leave behind is unbelievable.

No hurry on the book. Thanks for thinking of me!

wannabthinagain said...

T, i live close to you!
i read this scrolling on the TV while at the gym yesterday! I was sick to my stomach that a kid felt he had to do that, and in the way/place that he did it. I have an almost 12 year old and i so wanted to go get him from school.

tessierose said...

Just horrible, @Amanda I'm so sorry you have first hand experience with the aftermath of suicide. @Wannabthinagain, I can't find your blog, can you send me a link so I can follow? I can't beleive we live near each other.

wannabthinagain said...

I haven't told more than my DH, mom and medical people about my band, so after posting pics online of my journey, i chickened out and made it private.
I can be reached at though! I think i can authorize people to view it though. i'll go check on that!
I promise i'm no crazy stalker or anything. too bad i'm not going to BOOBS, we could have planned our trip together!
I'm not originally from here, but have been living here since 2003.
after your post about N.O. and your 'secret' event (which I figured out what it was) you need a gown for, i figured you were probably at least from the same state.
after the mention of the incident in that school, I was thinking, WOW...she's REALLY close!
if you dont' think i'm a CRAZY person, i'd love to meet up someday!

Ok, I would have to have anyone that wanted to be authorized email address, so i made it public for now. I'll make a post with my email address and i can add people from there.