Friday, February 18, 2011

I feel validated

I do! Thanks to all of you. It's nice to know that my struggles and insecurities are not mine alone. I love it when a reader says they feel the same way about something as I do. It's nice to feel so much support. There seams to be a commonality among women and men who have weight loss surgery. I think that it's a pretty drastic solution to a struggle that must certainly be very long standing, in order to get to the point of surgery. That is certainly the case with me. Years and years of yo yo dieting, feeling helpless, hungry, angry and just plain tired of doing something that I knew would lead me right back down the same path as before. I can't adequately express how liberating it feels to believe for once that reaching a healthy goal weight and staying there is a real possibility.

Although I have been feeling exposed as I talked about in my last couple of posts, I realize that these changes that I'm experiencing are normal and the discomfort is a necessary part of personal growth. I want to incorporate all of the physical and emotional changes I'm experiencing and ultimately emerge as a stronger more confident version of myself.

I know I have much work to do and a long way to go. I'm glad I don't have to go it alone. Again, thanks for sharing the journey with me. It's Friday folks, another weekend of Mardi Gras Madness, I'll share details on Monday!

Big Hugs!


LDswims said...

I love validation, too! It somehow helps to know that we aren't alone - although I don't wish my troubles and/or problems on anyone. I see a lot of commonalities, too and it's really hard to get past some of these traits. And watching those that have achieved goal - or who are darn near to it - we definitely have to let some of this stuff go in order to get there.

I think exposing ourselves is a great way to continue the journey. After it's done, we realize 1) we aren't alone and 2) people don't hate us or berate us for what we've been hating and berating ourselves for all along. So very liberating!

I can't wait to hear about part 3 of Mardi Gras Madness. I hope you have a blast this weekend!!!

Bonnie said...

Love you girl. Can't wait for your Monday post.

~Lisa~ said...

Can not wait to hear about your weekend!! Take lots of pictures!!

We're all in this together!!

Camille said...

Have a great weekend in the Big Easy!

MLM said...

Have loved your past posts and can so relate to them...have a great weekend!

Drazil said...

Love you sweetie pie. Validation is important. It's something I crave even if what I'm feeling is crazy - I want to know I've been heard and it's real and okay to feel.