Friday, February 11, 2011

The man stole my mojo!

That's right, my husband stole my blogging mojo. He even admitted it to me last night. It's really gone to his head that he has 35 followers, and one (Read) professing love for him. Hell, Tina even wrote about him on her blog. It's funny, that yesterday I sat at my computer to write a blog entry and....NOTHING, nada, zilch. I had nothing, I found myself saying: "Self, you have in-house competition, you better make this interesting!" Then of course I came to my senses... I think I'm pretty clever at times, especially after a couple glasses of the vino, and I've been told I'm funny. However, I met my match when I married John, that man is funny and can tell a story like no other, we have friends who request the same story over and over again, not because they want to hear the story, but because he's so freaking funny and cute and extremely animated when he tells it! case you haven't' figured it out, we have some pretty good times over at our place. Tina's husband (the man in the chair) has a blog too, mostly about food. He's not the most consistent blogger, but he's funny. I started following him yesterday, which brought his total followers up to 2, so he did a celebratory post, it was cute!

I have a totally busy weekend ahead of me. Tonight a cocktail party for one Mardi Gras Krewe, tomorrow a costume ball for another Mardi Gras Krewe, Sunday the King's brunch for the first Krewe, whew....I'm tired just talking about it. Tonight we are riding on the party bus to several bars prior to the cocktail party. I hope my liver can handle it.

In band news, I'm doing much better, not stuck yesterday....I'm actually about to call my husband to tell him I need a fill, that will be worth a giggle.

I'm excited about BOOBS 2.0, Vickie and I will be roomies again this year! I can't wait to see everyone again!

BYOC....sort's my version:

  • I love Fridays, hate Mondays.

  • My middle name is Rose (first name Theresa). Named for a saint and a flower!

  • No tattoos, no plans to get any.

  • Total of 2, 1 hole in each ear

  • Blogland, my hubs started a blog, BOOBS 2.0, fun!

  • Real life: Mardi Freaking Gras!

I think that about sums it up. Thank you all for the support, the wonderful comments and for embracing my hubby's blog. I think it's really cool that he is sharing his point of view. He is a wonderful source of support for me in all areas of my life. And, he is indeed quite patient, one would have to be to live with me. Have a wonderful weekend, I'll post pics of the festivities next week!

Big Hugs!



Susan said...

Your husbands blog is hysterical! He now has 36 followers. I just started following yours and great too! I am beyond jealous of your Mardi Gras festivities!!! I always wanted to go. Haven't been in New Orleans in years and am due for a trip back.

Tina said...

sure his blog is funny--but heck he gets all of his material from really he is sucking off your success :) if you go dry your husband has nada! :) I am so envious of your party fun. I get to go to a little valentine's day ball this weekend (first ever!)...I don't think it will be nearly as fun as you mardi extravaganzas! Keep the posts coming and take some pics...would love to see the costumes or booze or bar hopping street walking views.


Ronnie said...

Ohh, I can't wait for BOOBS! :) I'm following your hubby, too! lol

LDswims said...

Now my husband tells me all the time "I'm listening". He finds your hubby's blog hilarious, as do I. He is riding your coattails, though, so I know that even when he's blogging, it's still you fueling him. Such love!

All your krewe festivities sound like a blast. I hope you enjoy!!

Drazil said...

Yippeeee - you'll be roomies again! Can't wait to see you!

Jess said...

Sounds like you are having a blast with Mardi Gras! I am so jealous. I really like your hubby's blog too. He is very funny! So glad you have each other!

Shannon said...

YaY for BOOBS!!! I love your husbands blog. its a great read.

Stephanie M. said...

Too funny! Your husband is hilarious. I even passed his blog on to my husband, so he could comiserate.

Pamela E. Williams said...

I'm going to go and follow your husband. I can't wait for BOOBS 2.0! I will be in the HOUSE!!!

DiZneDiVa said...

I think you're husband's blog is funny... but I didn't tell my George... I don't want to give him any ideas... He'll be sharing all my secrets, he's already telling funny stories about me at his work and I hear about them at support group since a girl from his work has a lapband and goes with me... He gets his sense of humor and comedic timing from me... and he's an absolute joy but I think I'll keep him to myself...LOL

Bonnie said...

Next thing you know he'll be forming the HOOBS (Husbands of outrageous babes).

Read said...

HOOBS that's damn funny. I certainly hope you don't mind the love I have for your husband -ok and for you too! I am coming down for the 2nd weekend of Jazz Fest - just a short 3 day weekend - but maybe I can find a way to connect with you. I'll have a car (I think) so I could in theory come to you... Though I don't yet really know our schedule.... LOLOL. I'll figure it out one of these days.