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Thursday, February 3, 2011

I found a dress!

Well not a dress but a skirt and top! Yay!!! I can relax now! So, here's the story. I left work determined to go find a dress. I went to this little shop that I hadn't been to yet and they had this long black number that looked pretty good in a size 14w, so I took that and the 16w to the dressing room along with a gorgeous top that was burned velvet in the most magnificent colors and a couple of cocktail dresses just for fun. I tried on the 14w and it was way too big, that was the smallest they had, so then, I tried on the burned velvet top, I need reading glasses to see anything up close, because....well I'm 48! I did not have my reading glasses, when I grabbed this top, but thought it was an XL. I tried it on and the shell fit fine, it was kind of stretchy. I tried the jacket part on....and look, it was gorgeous, I could have worn it if I didn't want to dance or say, move my arms all night. I took it off and thought damn.....that's the tightes XL I've ever encounterd, then I got my glasses out, it was an XS! I was laughing out loud in the dressing room, when I walked out there were 3 ladies standing there looking my way, it was interesting.

So, then I go to Dillards and I'm going to find a sales girl to come to the dressing room with me and I'm going to see if that size 14 dress will zip all the way. I go to find the dress and when I do, I see all of these tops on a rack marked 70% off. First let me explain, that I have difficulty shopping in the Misses section or the "regular" section of a store. I get very panicky and feel like an impostor. I feel like at any minute someone is going to come grab me by the arm and lead me back to the big girl section. So, I was nervous even standing there. There were some beautiful tops, I tried on several and found a black velvet one with a purple portrait collar that is beautiful, a plain ol XL, no less, not 1X and from the regular section, and it was on sale for $30.00! Yahoo! Then I went to the the "Upscale Consignment Shop" and got a long black velvet skirt (get this, I know it doesn't count, because it's stretchy but in a size 12) for $40.00! So, can you believe it? I got outfitted in style for just $70.00 and I absolutely love the top! I promise to take some pictures this weekend and post them.

Next on the list of things to talk about is the weather. They canceled school today and tomorrow in our town because of the freezing temps. I know you guys up north must be really laughing, but it's cold for us southerners and it's been raining and sleeting. I work for a trucking company and just got an e-mail form DOTD saying that the bridges are starting to ice and they will be closing roads soon. So, I'm all set, I have plenty of wine and firewood!

I hope you all have a wonderful day.
Big hugs!


Lap Band Gal said...

Can't wait to see the pics of the outfit! :) stay warm

Barbara said...

That was a wonderful NSV.. love this.. and I cant see anything without my glasses either.. do show us the pics!

Nella said...

nothing like sweet success at the mall!


amandakiska said...

Moving your arms is over-rated. I'd have to seriously get talked out of buying an XS if I could squeeze into it.

I feel weird in regular stores too.

Stay warm & safe!

Can't wait for the pix!

Drazil said...

OMG - I'm dying to see pics!

Kristin said...

Can't wait to see your pictures, my dear. So glad you found something gorgeous!

Gen said...

Pics!!!! Awesome NSVs!

Bonnie said...

Can't wait to see the pics. Congrats on a great outfit at a great price.

Miss Vickie "The Queen Bee" said...

I know you will look gorgeous! I can't wait to see the pictures!

Annie said...

What a great NSV! You are guaranteed to have a great time in that outfit! Looking forward to seeing your gorgeous-ness!

~Lisa~ said...

"Plenty of wine and firewood" - that's all you need!! Stay warm!!

I am sooooo anxious to see the pictures!! Congrats on the NSV's and the bargains!! Have a terrific time!!

Joey said...

Woo hoo! Photos please.
I used to feel that way in the normal section. You'll get over it ;)