Wednesday, February 2, 2011

I'm bad at the awards thingy!

And I'm terribly sorry for it. Today I see that Lori nominated me for a blogger award too. I've had a few people nominate me and I've been terrible about doing the questionnaire and nominating others. I truly appreciate you thinking of me. I'm just really bad at returning the favor. Today I decided I would do that, and started going back through my blogs and can't find who I need to thank. I'm sorry about that, when I have a little more time, I will do that.

Still no dress for the Mardi Gras ball this weekend and I can't leave work today to go shop. I guess I'll go tomorrow and just hope for the best. Tonight is date night. I'm excited about spending the evening with my hubby. We have fun together and I owe him a good night out after last weekend and my crappy mood. I'm looking forward to the whole weekend of celebrations and fun, I just hope I can find a dress.

I hope you all have a great day. It's very cold here in the deep south, it feels more like the deep freeze. Nothing in comparison to all of you poor folks who are buried in snow. I hope you warm up soon. Take care.
Big Hugs!


Drazil said...

OMG - me too! I love getting the awards and suck at giving them back. Have a great time Rosebud!

LDswims said..., too! I love getting 'em and before I know it, it looks like I don't cause I haven't done anything with em.

I hope you enjoy date night and I really hope you stay warm! Heater and fire place through Friday...then Sunday it's back to AC...the Monday heater...ugh. This winter is wacky!

Miss Vickie "The Queen Bee" said...

Oh, I am the worst! I hope you find a fantastic dress and enjoy your date night!

Bonnie said...

I think a lot of us suck at the award thing so don't worry about it. What you DO need to worry about is finding a dress. LOL.

Kristin said...

I wish today were Monday or Tuesday, I could UPS a couple dresses to you. But they're not sparkly or like I imagine Mardi Gras dresses would be, so maybe they wouldn't work anyway.

Good luck and no matter what: HAVE FUN!

Jess said...

Those award things are lots of work. Every time I start to return the award I am like "ugh, this takes FOREVER!" I am just gonna start giving them to all of my followers! haha

Yes, it is cold here in Texas too. FREEZING! Hoping it doesn't snow on Friday like the forecast says.

Sam said...

Good luck with your dress hunting :o)

~Lisa~ said...

It's freaking COLD here in the north!! I'm sooo over it all!!

I hope you find your dress, but no matter what you do I am sure you'll have a terrific time and you'll look like your beautiful self!!

Have a great time with the Hubs!!