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Monday, February 14, 2011

Recap of the weekend...

I hate this picture, but my husband was acting like a fool, making goofy faces, so all the ones that I look okay in, he looks like he has an IQ of -50!
This is my sister and my bestie.

The Royal King Jean Luc XXXII

You really can't get the full glory of this, but the guy in the tutu is a friend of ours and he was the sugar plum fairy in a mini "Nutcracker!" It was so funny, he's a big dude to be in a tutu! I have yet to figure out how to place pictures within the text of a blog, so everytime I write a blog and then go back to add pics, they are on top...please excuse!

Howdy folks, Happy Valentine's day and happy Monday! I hope you all had a nice weekend. I did, although it was crazy busy, filled with Mardi Gras Madness and according to my husband, one "batshit crazy episode." Let me give you a quick recap of the weekend.

Friday night we had a cocktail party for one of our Mardi Gras Krewes. We were asked to join a group of people on a party bus, it's a Greyhound type bus that has been converted to a party bus, with disco lights, leopard carpeting and even a stripper pole. We got on the bus and went to a couple of real hole in the wall bars for drinks, then on to the cocktail party.

Saturday we went to a pre-ball cocktail party at a local casino and then on to the ball. One of our good friends was the King of that Krewe, so it was quite exciting to be in the King's party. Our friend the King, is a cardiologist, and an avid blackjack player, so we went as playing cards, the king of hearts. It was really fun!

Sunday morning, we had the King's brunch, it was amazing, wonderful food, a jazz band and great fellowship, only downside, I was stuck and sick for most of it.

Here is my new theory. Last weekend I had a similar experience. We had a Mardi Gras Ball to go to. The night of the ball, I was able to eat just about anything I wanted to, I even ate a sandwich on thick bread. I drank pretty much and overall, had a wonderful time, and did I mention, I was able to eat well.

The very next morning, I wake up, tighter than tight. I take it really slow, but get stuck on the first thing I try to eat, that day ended up being a day of total stuckness, and puking. The same thing happened this weekend. Saturday night, I'm able to eat and drink without even feeling like I have a band and then the next morning, slammed shut! When I got to the brunch, the food looked amazing, they had Eggs Benedict, Grillades and Grits, lots of wonderful Louisiana brunch foods, Mimosas and Bloody Marys, yum. When we got there, I had a Bloody Mary and ate a bite of the olive and I'm talking, stuck. I had a couple of sips of the Bloody Mary and it burned like hell, I tried water, it was all just piling up. I finally went to the ladies room and got sick, I ended up getting sick three times before it was all said and done and had a day of not being able to eat anything. My theory is this.....When you eat like a pig on Saturday, you're gonna pay like Hell on Sunday, I'm just sayin! I wonder how many more of these times it will take before I learn my lesson!
In other weight-loss related news, I have not seen movement on the scale in well over a month, other than the typical fluctuation from morning to night and the slightly up on Monday morning thing. However, I have clothes that fit me last month that I can't wear now. It's bizzarre. I don't really understand it. How can things change without the scale moving. I also have noticed the change in my body that I noticed a couple of months ago before a nice loss, I got really squishy....I know, it's sounds terrible, it is....but it's the truth, I'm squishy, I hope that soon I will have a shift in things and get some scale satisfaction.
I guess that about covers things, I hope you all have a wonderful day! And, I'm blown away that I have 200 followers, thank you so much!
Big Hugs,


Shannon said...

that sounds like so much fun!!!

LDswims said...

Sounds like a fun weekend! Except for the stuck, anyway.

I wish the scale always knew what was going on. I'd be inconsolable at times if I didn't have the tape measure and photos. Sometimes the scale just doesn't get the memo...

Happy Valentine's Day!!!

~Lisa~ said...

Sounds like an absolutely amazing weekend!! And I love the photos too!! Thank you so much for sharing!!

amandakiska said...

Sounds like a fun weekend! Sorry you spent yesterday having band issues.

Carmen said...

you had me at stripper pole....

Bonnie said...

Being squishy just means your more fun to hug. :) I think you should be proud that you've made it through all these festivities without a gain.

Joey said...

Lord. The unpredictability of the band is frustrating. This weekend I ate like it was my job. Then today I was stuck and liking after a few bites of soup. SOUP! The scale is unpredictable too ;)