Thursday, August 18, 2011

Be careful what you wish for!

Hey folks! I hope you are having a great Friday Eve! I'm at work and hoping that 5 o'clock gets here sooner than later!

Okay, so since I had my de-fill, I've been struggling with very little restriction. I blogged yesterday about how I've been able to eat just about anything and haven't been stuck or PB'd in a couple of weeks. So, I guess I cursed myself. Last night, we had a few friends over and all was going well, I ate a couple pieces of sausage, some chips, drank some wine, no problem. Then my sister-in-law came by with this yummy chicken, pasta cheese dish, I had 2 bites and band just slammed shut, I PB'd violently 3 times and then I'm okay.

This morning I get up, I had breakfast at work, 2 slices of bacon and an egg, everything was fine. For lunch, I had brought a chicken breast and some peas, I'm getting my lunch ready and take a bite of the chicken, I finish getting my plate together, sit down and realize it's a no go, so I put my stuff in the fridge and decide to wait it out. I ran to the grocery store and went home to put my stuff up, I PB'd twice and go back to the office, I PB'd again. I just have had water and at 4 o'clock I'm pretty darn hungry, so like a fool I tried to eat some peas, and PB like there's no tomorrow. So...the moral of the story is , be careful what you wish for! I don't understand how this thing works, this crazy band, but I did want some restriction again, and well...I got it!

Big Hugs!


Cece said...

I really appreciate your honesty with your band and how it can affect you. I'm just starting eating real food (banded 4 weeks ago) so I need to read posts such as yours ... hope your day got better !

JFBD said...

PMS has come knocking again! You are a few days behind me. For the last week I've been tight as heck. I pb'd on mango!

Dawnya said...

OMG. I hate a violent PB. Hope your band and you are feeling better today.

Laura Belle said...

Crappers. That is horrible. So sorry. Hopefully you're better today!

Joey said...

Oh no! I find that ovulation makes me SUPER tight. (that came out wrong)

Lonicera said...

From what you say it sounds as though each episode compounded the problem and inflamed the area more and more... Hope you're over it now and feeling OK.