Friday, April 23, 2010

Bring your own craziness voulume 5

BYOC volume 5
The master Mama Pimp Drazil supplied us with this weeks version of bringing our own craziness...

1. Name a career you would NOT want to do and tell why. A pre-k or kindergarten teacher, I was a sub once for my son's class and I swear I drove straight to the liquor store when I got out of there. All I was really required to do was keep the peace, police the potty break, give a snack and let them watch a movie. One little girl freaked out because she didn't get enough marshmallows in her cereal snack and threw them on the floor, stomped on them and began a full on freak out. It was horrible!!!

2. What’s the best present you ever received for your birthday? When I was 6 years old I got a pony for my birthday and a bike all in the same day. My mom and dad gave me the bike and were taking pictures of me riding it, my dad said ride it out in front of the house. He had the horse trailer there, with my pony who I named Jody Lee Bronson after a soap opera character on "The Doctors." What a day.

3. This is from Amy W. (I had a request to copy her question and ask it today in BYOC) (Hope that’s okay Amy!)What do you hide behind? I definitely hide behind my sense of humor. I have always made a point to be the first to point out my big ass and make a joke, before they have a chance to judge me....I win them over.

4. Where were you born? Lake Charles, LA

My hometown is even in a song by The Band:
Anyone remember " Up onCripple Creek" ?
When I get off of this mountain
You know where I want to go
Straight down the Mississippi river
To the Gulf of Mexico
To Lake Charles Louisiana

Little Bessie, girl that I once knew
She told me just to come on by
If there's anything that she could do
Up on Cripple Creek, she sends me
If I spring a leak, she mends me
I don't have to speak, as she defends me
A drunkard's dream if I ever did see one ...bomp bompa bomp bompa bomp!

5. A little twist on this one..usually we ask – what blog spoke to you the most, stuck with you, had the most effect on you this week? This week I’m adding to that which comment may have affected you greatly? I would have to say Sherry @
her post titled "Taking a stand" it really touched me and made me think. Also, I loved Sandy Lee's thoughts on enjoying the ride and Amanda's post on how everything works out. Also today, when I read Jenny's 100 pound down post I was bawling. I also had some wonderful comments on my blog this week. I just can't say it enough, we are so lucky to have such a wonderful support system in place!

I hope everyone has a great weekend. I have jury duty on Monday so I'm not too excited about that, but really looking forward to the weekend. Happy Friday ya'll.


Sherry said...

Hugs and smooches! Thanks for the shout-out! I'm glad it touched you -- that means alot.

Jenny said...

Love your answer to number 1!

LDswims said...

I can totally understand not wanting to be a kindergarten or pre-k teacher. Takes a lot of patience, I think...and I don't have much of that stuff!

Drazil said...

Ha - love #1 - you're too funny.

Sandy Lee said...

I so remember Cripple Creek in that song. I was singing along as I read your post. How did it get in the song?

tessierose said...

I love your comments!
@Sandy Lee, I had no idea so, I just googled it, the songwriter from the band is actually Canadian, so I feel sure he got out a map and looked for towns near the Gulf of Mexico...that would sound good in his song! Our claim to fame.

mallen said...

Hi Tessierose. Great comments. I am a newly five week bander and a new blogger. Really enjoying everyones blogs. Come over and join mine if you will.


Band-Babe said...

You got a pony for your birthday??? Every little girls dream! I bet all the kids wanted to play at your house. Oh, and your date night pics are so hilarious. It looks like you still know how to have fun!