Monday, April 12, 2010

The rare and dreaded before pictures.

Okay this is me and my wonderful husband John in Seaside FL, last summer on vacation and in New Orleans at Jackson Square. We had a wonderful time with friends both times, but I promptly locked away these pictures because they showed more than my smile and were taken by people not familiar with my rules! I hate that my arm shows, I never wear sleeveless for that reason and in the next one my gut shows and I look huge, but it is what it is. So this is my first step in project "own the truth!"

Okay, I did it. Have a good night folks.


Tina said...

In a few short months you will be so happy they took those forbidden pictures. The comparison pics are wonderful to have.


Jenny said...

The before pictures are hard, but I'm glad I did them so I have the comparison. You look good in the pics you chose! Don't be too hard on yourself!!! :)

DawnB said...

I hate my arms showing to & can hardly stomach my before pics. But you know what? In a few months we are going to be glad for them!!!!

amandakiska said...

I think you look beautiful.

Bonnie said...

I think you look great. I don't like my arms either. It will be so nice when we can enjoy pictures of ourselves.

Gen said...

LOL my rule is no sleeveless too! Okay, the pics are not that bad, you are lovely. But when you are skinny you will be glad you have them!