Monday, April 5, 2010

I survived Easter, but think I've lost my touch!

I hope everyone had a wonderful Easter. I sure did. I must report today that I'm feeling great!

I haven't had any pain and the swelling in my stomach is much improved. I feel really good and I've even been able to wear jeans again. I just feel really good. My energy level is up, I'm eating mushies, so getting lots of protein in and barely feeling hungry between meals. For Easter Dinner yesterday I ate 1/2 of a devilled egg, 2 tablespoons of green been casserole, 2 tablespoons of grit casserole, 2 tablespoons of strawberry delight dessert and 1 glass of wine, it held me for about 5 hours.....amazing!

Now on to some rather disturbing news. Friday, some friends dropped by I had broiled some fish and made some cheesy mashed potatoes. The potatoes, were....well, they sucked! They were like paste. I shook it off and then low and behold messed up another dish on Sunday. This is unheard of people, part of the reason I needed the band is because, frankly I'm a darn good cook. I never follow a recipe and have been known to create some phenomenal dishes. I can't remember when I've had two fails in a row. I think it's because I really am not interested in food at the moment. I've sort of lost my cooking mojo! How can this be??????
I can't even decide what to eat from meal to meal. I don't know if this disinterest in food will stay or not, but I can tell you, it is something I've never experienced in my life. Like, right now, I'm physically hungry, but I just don't know what I want to eat? I'm not running a million candidates through my head, I just don't really want to eat right now, even though I am hungry. It's crazy, I know!

On the scale front, I'm happy to report down 16.5 this morning, I can't believe that either! Got a love me some Pearl!

I missed out on reading blogs this weekend, but just checked up on everyone this morning. It seems everyone had a good Easter. I'm 47 and this is the first Easter in my life that I did not have a piece of chocolate! If the Earth does a backflip, you can blame me....unheard of I know.
I hope everyone is having a great Monday. I now have officially 83.5 pounds to reach my goal, I haven't need to loose less than 100 pounds in a while, it feels good. One day I'll learn how to post my pics, to get a ticker and all those other things that you guys do so well. Thanks for sharing my journey with me, your support is priceless!

Big Hug!


Sandy Lee said...

I know how you feel about trying to figure out what to eat. I ended up cooking a bunch of stuff and putting it in tiny containers in the freezer--chili, mac & cheese, chicken fettucine, meatloaf, meatballs (made form ground chicken). That way when I have no idea what to eat, I just pull the one-cup container out and eat. I may not feel like it but I still had to eat. Your cooking skills will come back (maybe still effects from the pain meds?) and then you can plan, plan, plan. I think some of my problems in the past happened because I became a fast-food junkie as it was easier to drive-through than to think of what I could make. I pledge to cook more and it is wonderful. Give yourself some time. And get that freezer stocked with healthy little bites.

Bonnie said...

Ahh, I'd love to be in your shoes right now. I didn't do too bad eating yesterday. I'm not a candy person, but I love food - ham, scalloped potatoes and broccoli and cheese casserole...yummy. And homemade sangria...double yum. Luckily it was so pretty, we ate outside away from the table full of food which helped me not do seconds or thirds. One helping of everything and that was it. Could've done better, but without a band I was pretty proud of mysef.

Amy W. said...

This major shift in your life may have been the cause of that earthquake in Cali/Mexico yesterday. I will not tell the authorities.

Lord, I dont know if you lack or lack of interest in food will last. I might have experienced that for one day once, but enjoy it!