Friday, April 30, 2010

BYOC, guess that means it's FRIDAY!

BYOC Friday!!!!! **Bring Your Own Craziness**
Welcome to BYOC Friday. Five random questions where I ask you things (both serious and funny) you wouldn't normally blog about in an effort to get to know you better. (plus every Friday you don’t have to come up with a blog subject – BYOC is pre-made just for your fried brain!) Enjoy! Copy, paste and answer in your blog if you so desire. Share with anyone else who you want to get to know more!

1. What’s your favorite smell? I love the smell of Gumbo on the stove when it's cold out, fresh plowed dirt, rain and a really clean house, my husband's cologne, those and too many more to list.

2. What is your all-time favorite movie and why? I would have to say "All of Me" it's an oldie, with Steve Martin and Lilly Tomlin, Steve Martin is brilliant in this movie and his walk when Edwina's soul is inhabiting his body is the funniest thing I've ever seen. You should watch it.

3. What’s your trigger food? Goodness, I guess Ruffles with french onion dip and chocolate with coconut.

4. When someone you love is going through a difficult time – what are your go-to words to make them feel better – in just a sentence or two? I usually say that I'm here for you if you need me and then send a note with my phone number to friends. But, for my kids and to myself I always repeat "The Lord is my Shepherd there is nothing I shall want." That has always brought me comfort and when paired with a hug, how can you go wrong?

5. This one is always the same. Who is your nominee for the blog of the week for YOU? Which blog OR comment touched your heart, spoke to you, stuck with you all week? This week Gen's blog ( SOB was great Judi was so full of real working knowledge, I got so much out of it. And as far as comments, it meant so much to me that Band Babe ( commented when she is obviously going through so much right now.


DB said...

Tess - thanks so much for all the kind words you leave on my blog - you keep me motivated for sure!!!!

Jenny said...

Chocolate with coconut is a great combo!

Drazil said...

Oh gosh - chips with french onion dip. You're a woman after my own heart I tell you! I'm going to use your #4 saying...thanks. Smooches my rosebud.

Barbara said...

I love the smell of rain too AND a clean house.. every time I really do a good cleaning I always ask my girls if I used too much Pine Sol. (I love that smell).. Love chocolate with coconut TOO

Janice said...

I just finished reading your blog start to finish. I love the name "Pearl" for your band and that you have set a goal to run with your son. I also copied your questions to ask the dr. pre-surgery. I have my appt in a little over a week, so that was very helpful. Glad you made it thru all of the insurance hurdles and are on the other side of bandland.
Surgery Date: May 25

Girl Bandit said...

Great answers and I agree bae commenting made me feel special too. And I loved Judi's story

Gen said...

Huh? Were you really not on my blog list? How did that happen????

Thanks so much for your SWEET comments on my blog, you made my day!

And thanks for the shout-out on Judi's SOB post. She is so awesome, I am just thrilled that I was able to share with everyone!