Friday, March 25, 2011

Much ado about something...and BYOC

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I've been talking about it all week. And here it is my one year Bandiversary. I'm happy with my progress, although when I started, I just knew I'd be at my goal in one year. I'm not, but I'm happy with the progress. I'm 5'9" tall, at my heaviest I was in a size 26 pants, a size 24 or 3x top and I quit weighing myself at 285! In the picture taken today, I'm wearing a large t-shirt and a size 16 jeans, I'm dressed for my son's track meet after school today and I feel pretty normal! When I was looking for pictures to put together for the collage above, I realized just how long I've been hiding myself and making sure no full body pictures ever saw the light of day! Any way, before surgery I followed Catherine's advice and took my measurements, I would urge all you newbies to do the same, the results are pretty impressive to me, they are:

Neck -2

Bust -7

Waist -8

Hips -10

Thigh -5

Upper arm -2

Calf -2

For a total of 36 inches lost, I'll take it!

And now a little BYOC

1. How do you handle criticism? From anyone but my husband very well. I don't know why, but if my husband criticizes me, even in the most gentle way, it hurts my feelings and I'm a child. Sad but true!

2. Who had or has had the greatest impact on your life? I think my 2 brothers and my sister, they practically raised me, when my parents died they all stepped up and did whatever they could to take care of me. My brothers took over my dad's business and did a beautiful job with it, they are all damn fine people!

3. If you had a friend that spoke to you the way YOU speak to yourself – would you keep them as a friend and for how long? At this point in my life, absolutely not, but I stayed with a man for 23 years who talked to me like I was less than human. Now, I'm a much different person!

4. Do you think crying is a form or weakness or a form of strength? I think it is a sign of both. For me, I always felt week when I cried and I cried a lot, but now I realize what a gift it is to be able to feel what you feel and express that. I found that once I worked through some pain from my past, I didn't cry near as much, I didn't need to. I still cry when I need to and I know without a doubt that I am strong... I am woman...hear me roar!

5. Repeat question: Summarize your week in blog land and in real life. In blog's my one year Bandiversary, and for many of my blog sisters as well! Also, jealousy rears it's ugly head as I see picture after picture of the NYC brunch...I can't wait to see you guys in Chicago! In real life, busy, busy I'm so looking forward to the weekend!

Have a wonderful Friday and enjoy the weekend.

Big Hugs,



Shannon said...

amzing picture! you look fabulous!!!

Dawnya said...

36 inches lost!!! Go Tessie!!! Congrats on your amazing transformation in this one year. You look great!! Keep up the good work.

Jess said...

Way to go for you! Happy bandiversary! Don't feel bad, I can't take criticism from my husband either, even when it's true.

LDswims said...

Happy Bandiversary! I love the collage! What an incredibly journey - and you've worked for it!!

Read said...

The pictures are amazing!! And isn't normal just the best. I was, earlier, thinking about what I was going to wear to my sons' baseball games this evening and once decided it occurred to me - and I'm just going to be one of the mom's on the sidelines. Not the - OMG look at how fat she is - mom. Just a mom who's got some weight to lose. Normal, just like everyone else.

Happy Anniversary! You continue to be a rock star!!

Read said...

Oh... and I love the byoc answers as well - especially #4!

Rachel said...

I love 4 really captured it...And your pictures are really encouraging and wonderful. I appreciate you sharing them. BTW you look beautiful!

nikki said...

You look awesome! Thanks so much for sharing! It makes me happy that you're happy! :)

Sally Hamilton said...

You look really good! You should be very proud of what you've accomplished.

MandaPanda said...

Wow! What a transformation! Gorgeous...just gorgeous.

Read said...

And... I meant to add to my earlier post.. I still have 20 lbs to lose until I'm where you are on the normal scale!!! You look completely amazing!!

~Lisa~ said...

You look absolutely beautiful - so healthy and happy! I can't wait for "normal" - I look to you to see that "normal" is attainable and wonderful!!

Great post!

Amanda Kiska said...

You look wonderful! Happy bandiversary!

Gen said...

So awesome to be normal! Happy Bandiversary Beautiful!

Joey said...

Happy one year! I'm ubber proud of you! You look fantastic!!!!

Sandy Lee said...

You look amazing. Here's to a second good year with the band.

Anonymous said...

Hi Tessie :-) I've just caught up on your blog from the very start and I am glad I have :-) what an amazing journey, you have made me a bit more excited about mine now too :-D

Beth Ann said...

Happy One Year! You look mahvelous, my friend! (Sidenote: I was an AOII and I love my sisters. :))