Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Things that make you go hmmmm?

That's right folks, I've been thinking again....dangerous, but true. These are some things that are on my mind today:

Today I seam to have a symphony of noises coming from the intestinal regions, why? What are all of these noises for? Are they normal? They are not uncomfortable, just very noisy!

Today, I ate comfortably with no fear of getting stuck. I chewed really well, I was aware of what I was eating, I did not overeat, I felt completely satisfied after eating, I did not get stuck or puke, it was really nice. So why was my first thought....Oh, I guess I need a fill?

Why does popcorn take me 3 flossings to get rid of?

Why does milk taste so good to me now, when I didn't drink milk for years before the band?

Why am I so thirsty today? When I've had lots of water?

How can one person blow their nose a hundred times and still have more?

Why is chocolate so damn good?

Who was the first person to get banded? How brave did they have to be? I guess almost as brave as the first person to try an oyster.

How can you get so many annoying calls when you're on the do not call list?

What the hell is Charlie Sheen smoking?

Will I ever get below 200? If so, will it be while I'm young enough to enjoy it?

I guess that about sums up what's on my mind today. I hope you all have a great day, it's Wednesday, that means date night with the Hubs, or some modified version thereof...either way, no kids tonight!

Big Hugs!



Nella said...

Charlie Sheen has LOST IT! What is the deal with the "goddesses"?

~Sandi @ This one time at 'band' camp... said...

Oh Charlie, he is the topic on everyones mind lately!!! Smoking??? Nothing if you ask him...Hacienda Soberhill!!! Amazing how he thinks we are all crazy and he is the only sane one...good on ya Charlie!!!

I have some of those questions too so I can't give you any answers!!! lol ;)

Jen said...

I LOVE this post! Inside of your brain is fun. I just KNEW it!

I have no answers, but I have often wondered about the popcorn problem. DANG I hate that!!

And Charlie Sheen? Didn't you hear, he's high on "Charlie Sheen!" hahahaha

Joey said...

Oh Theresa, I heart you!

Kristin said...

Charlie Sheen is making Gaddafi look like a reasonable fellow.

Right with you on the will I ever get below 200. We will! (someday...)

amandakiska said...

Too funny!

Tina said...

way to think it :) I too agree with some of yoru hmmmmmmmmmmmmms and even the milk and chocolate thing!! I totally love milk now. I think it is our body doing its damnedest to get us to take in those missing calories (I look on my body as my enemy in the calorie department though).

Wish I was partying with you down there! There is a conference I could go to this Spring down your way...Im thinking on it :)



Lonicera said...

The milk thing - me too. And I think it's because the band reconfigures the stomach and causes acid to accumulate, and the milk neutralises it.
I agree with some of the comments - I've always thought you'd be great fun to spend time with!

Barbara said...

LOL.. made me laugh.. I wonder about the snot thing to..where does that come from and as far as Charlie Sheen.. hello uranus is calling you .. go home..

Sandy Lee said...

Too funny. And I have that symphony of noises coming from my stomach all the time.

Beth Ann said...

Hi!! I'm a new follower and this might be my favorite post all day! :) I had to laugh at your comment about people blowing their nose. My BFF blows her nose at least 20 times a day. I tell her she is the snottiest person I know!

Miss Vickie "The Queen Bee" said...

Funny post!

Bonnie said...

Yes you will get under 200! Two thumbs up for date night.

Sam said...

Loving the randomness :o) And I what the answers to these questions too!! Especial about Charie Sheen and the no call list :p

Read said...

I so love this post - and I'm so with you on milk - it's just so yummy now!!